15 items that gained fame in 2015

2015 was an extraordinary year for Envato Market, with some clear examples of unprecedented success being achieved by some authors, as we saw last week with Themefusion becoming the first author to hit $10 million in sales.

Along with that success, there have been numerous items from Envato Market that have popped up in very popular places this year, which is why I decided to start a thread a couple of weeks ago to find out what’s been spotted where.

We were absolutely overwhelmed with the response, and while we can’t include every example here – there were around 70 to choose from – I’ve put together a list of 15 items that gained fame in 2015.

Fifth Harmony – Worth It ft. Kid Ink

Puk’s “Stock Market Ticker 2” footage being featured in Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It ft. Kid Ink”, which has racked up over 500 million views on YouTube, exposing this animation of a stock market ticker to the masses.

Star Wars The Force Awakens – Daisy Ridley exclusive interview

“The force is strong with this one”, this one being Super-8’s VideoHive item “Digital Cinema Package” which bookends this interview with Daisy Ridley, the star of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. It’s a great interview with an actress who until a few weeks ago was relatively unknown, and associates a great quality item from within our marketplace, with what is already one of the biggest films in history.

Knock Knock – Official Trailer

Staying on film and MartijndeBont’s AudioJungle track “Awaiting The Storm Trailer” underscores this brief look at horror film “Knock Knock” starring Keanu Reeves. While the film itself is probably not destined to be as popular as Star Wars, the trailer has certainly made an impact with over 5 million views.

Lego Hero Factory Jaw Blade

You’re probably a little shaken up by that “Knock Knock” trailer and need something to lighten up the mood. So what better way to do that than by getting in touch with your childhood roots with Lego! Sonora Films was lucky enough to have her theme Hi-Tech Room used by Lego itself to advertise their “Hero Factory Jaw Blade”, and it looks awesome!

American Express Australia

Here in Australia, this ad has started appearing before every second video on YouTube, so finding out the music was from the Envato Market gave me a reason to stop skipping it. MusicBoxStudios’ AudioJungle track “Corporate Success” underscores AmEx’s famous style of animation, in an ad that will not only be running online, but on television as well here in Australia.

Music to Ellen’s ears

What higher profile place to feature your video template is there than The Ellen Degeneres Show? This daily talk show which is aired all around the world and whose videos are popular on YouTube and Facebook, is exposed to millions of viewers every day. Which is great news for Ultinato whose VideoHive template “Mosaic Block Reveal” features in the opening and closing of this wrap-up of music superstars that have appeared on one of its 2000 shows.

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Live From Victoria’s Secret 2015 Fashion Show)

Staying with music, and in the background behind The Weeknd performing his chart topping track “Can’t Feel My Face” live from the Victoria’s Secret 2015 Fashion Show, is d3luxxxe’s VideoHive item “Editable Fireworks Package”. It’s great exposure having this clip right up alongside one of the most popular artists of 2015, and the most popular fashion show in the world. In fact, this video alone has been viewed over 5 million times.



One personal who may well have been at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show would be Brittany Mason, whose site is currently using xxcriversxx’s WordPress plugin from CodeCanyon.


“Instagram Journal” allows users to look through Mason’s Instagram feed without leaving her website. What a great achievement it is to have such a popular model using a this item.

8dio Productions – Studio Sopranos


8dio productions – who have over 477 thousands followers on SoundCloud alone, have used ade_concept’s “Mardi-Gras Masquerade Carnival Flyer” template to promote their new library, “Studio Sopranos”.

Eyewear Magazine


Eyewear Magazine have begun using Highwarden’s WordPress plugin, “Super Store Finder for WordPress”.

Marley Coffee


WPExplorer’s “Total WordPress Theme” is being used by Marley Coffee.

Pebble Time Steel: This Time We Mean Business

Tech-heads will really appreciate this one. lacisz’s awesome AudioJungle track “Dubstep Drift” is the backing of Pebble’s official ad for the Pebble Time Steel.

Bluebird Award 2015


LeafColor’s “Applay” is being used by Bluebird Award, an annual gameshow run by VTV and Bluebird in Vietnam.

Hope For Paws: A severely matted poodle gets rescued then makes a transformation of a lifetime!

This one will probably bring a tear to your eye. This video of a severely matted poodle getting rescued and made over went viral this year, and while the situation alone is emotional enough, Olexandrlgnatov’s AudioJungle track “Inspirational Piano Pack Vol. 3” provides an elegant underscoring that just can’t help but make you cry.

This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop – #SquattyPotty

And finally, in a video that will probably make you spit-take with laughter, yet leave you to think more deeply about the way in which you pooh more than you ever thought possible before, this brilliant ad for the SquattyPotty, featuring Stockwaves’ AudioJungle track, “Fanfare!” will leave you certifiably charmed by it’s cleverness.

Congratulations to all the Envato Authors that achieved mainstream fame this year, and be sure to check out all the other submissions right here!

Happy New Year!

Themefusion becomes the first author to hit $10 million dollars
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Themefusion becomes the first author to hit $10 million dollars