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Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our latest content challenge open to both Envato Market and Envato Elements authors. This is an evolution of our previous Content Challenges and Creative Briefs, highlighting the top in-demand areas we are seeing across Envato.

By providing you with these in-demand areas through our challenges, our aim is to prepare you with the top search insights and content opportunities within our marketplaces, offering more ways to earn in our current global environment. 

We believe that when authors are given the right insights, it takes the guesswork out of what customers are looking for and what you should create next, so that you can best prepare for success during COVID-19 and beyond.

This challenge is all about championing Illustrations. We’re excited to see what you create!

What is this Challenge About and Why?

“An illustration is like no other item type; it can depict complex topics and concepts in ways that are only limited by the creativity of the artist. 2020 has new opportunities for this item type, with illustration continuing to be a trend for web and print designs. Advancements in technology and software have made digital painting and 3D rendering more accessible and enjoyable. 

At the same time, steady customer demand for traditional mediums like watercolour is an excellent creative outlet for stock contributors looking to take a break from digital art,”  says Kate McInnes, Envato’s Content Specialist for Graphics. 

In today’s current environment, we’ve seen the demand for illustrations grow. With global call-outs for creatives to help visualize disease prevention and support health promotion efforts around the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a much needed educational and marketing tool for many businesses, government agencies and publications. 

Additionally, the impact of restrictions that have limited travel and shooting new video or photography content has highlighted the opportunity of illustrations as an adaptable medium that can move with us and transcend our language and cultural barriers, while attracting a global audience at a time where we need it the most.

Top Trends and Inspiration

So, what’s the state of illustration Design in 2020 and what should you create, now?

There are definitely new players, but some of the golden old illustration trends are back in the game, too. Here are six key trends we’ve found with help from our experts and examples from Envato Elements. 

Make sure to also review the top search trends from last month, especially the search terms related to video and photos, which present a big opportunity for illustrations during this time. 

Lastly, keep in mind the seasonal dates and holidays coming up when looking at the different kinds of illustrations to create! With COVID-19 affecting many events and gatherings around the world, this is a time to rethink the way that seasonal events are reflected in our world – a world that is right now, mainly remote and socially-distancing. 

Consider these questions:

  • What are some of the ways that this global pandemic might influence the way that we celebrate or engage with each other, work or activities? Check out these illustration examples as chosen by Kate, Envato’s Content Specialist for Graphics.
  • What does this look like for large celebrations and small ones across various parts of the world?

Our Content Insights Team have also put together some upcoming seasonal trends and we would encourage you to have a look at what’s coming up (and when it peaks in demand) such as Ramadan (Islamic Holiday), Pride Month, Family Days, National Holidays and Summer (Season). 

As we’ve mentioned above, our aim is to invite as many authors across Envato to get involved with this challenge and get creative with their Illustrations, so this means whether you’re on Envato Market or Elements, you can get involved and create items across various different topics!

Submission Criteria

We’re offering more money to more authors per challenge in this series! 

Authors will receive $20 for their first approved item (open to the first 500 authors), and then a share of the total $20K prize pool for all following submissions and authors, thereafter. This means that the more you publish, the more you can earn.

Check out the specific challenge and item submission criteria below to get involved! 

Challenge Submission Criteria

Please follow the steps below and make sure that your item submissions meet the requirements to be considered for the challenge. 

  • Must include the specific challenge tag #Illustration2020.
  • Must be a new illustration.
    • Only items new to Market and Elements will be considered.
    • We will accept new JPG and PNG content that also includes Vector files. The Vector files will be seens as a bonus, but will not have any effect on your eligibility.
    • We will not accept a rasterized version of a vector that already exists. For example, if you have a vector that already exists on GraphicRiver, you cannot simply create JPG versions of that item. 
    • Please add the JPG or PNG attribute to your items, along with any other relevant file types within your upload.
  • It needs to be published wherever you sell on Envato and have the exact same title
    • For example, this means that if you sell on both GraphicRiver and Envato Elements, you will be required to submit the same item for both. 
  • Needs to be uploaded to the Illustration category wherever you publish: GraphicRiver and/or Elements.
  • Must be approved and published, not only submitted.
    • Minimum 1 approved item per author to receive a payout.
  • Must be submitted within the dates specified (not necessarily approved within these dates).
  • Further to our policy on multiple author accounts, you may only use one account to participate.

Please remember that in addition to tagging your item with the primary challenge tag Illustration2020, you will also need to tag your item(s) with the relevant keywords that your content is related to (plus any other relevant tags) if it makes sense to do so. 

This means that if you want to be involved, you will need to firstly tag the item that you are submitting for the challenge with the primary tag (Illustration2020) and then tag your item with the relevant keyword(s). For example, if your item features Pride Month in New York, you will also need to tag it with Pride and New York, as well. This will help with the discoverability of your item(s) to more customers!  

Item Submission Criteria

Illustrations can be created in any medium for Envato Market and Envato Elements, as long as the Zip you chose to upload includes a good quality, high resolution JPG or PNG file.

For Envato Market

For Envato Elements

Ready to Join the Challenge?

You can join the challenge by creating a new Illustration item and submitting it for publication on the platforms you sell on using the tag: Illustration2020 by;

Wednesday 10th June 2020  [11.59pm AEST] for Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Keep in mind that items only need to be submitted by the date specified to be included in the challenge, they do not need to be approved and published by the deadline. The more you publish, the more you earn – so start creating now and get involved!

Please note: Envato’s usual terms, conditions and policies (including submission and review guidelines) will apply to such items submitted as part of this challenge, so please only submit your best work that is in line with our content requirements. 

You can view the content requirements across graphics categories below;

Terms and Conditions

Hi, we’re Envato (Envato, we, our or us)! 

Thanks for taking an interest in our Content Challenge. We think it’s a fantastic opportunity to create some great, sought after content, and there’s the potential for participating authors (author or you) to earn one-off amounts for creating and uploading that content too.

These are our terms for the Content Challenge and by participating in the Content Challenge, you’re agreeing to them. So please read on!

  1. This Content Challenge opens 5:00pm, 13th May 2020 and will close 11:59pm, 10th June 2020 (Melbourne, Australia time). We’ll call this the Challenge Period.
  2. This Content Challenge relates to content for both Envato Market and Envato Elements, and so is open to both Market and Elements authors.
  3. To enter, you must upload new and original content within the specific category of the Content Challenge you’re taking part in. If you publish the item across Market and Elements, please ensure you use the same title for your content. For an item to be eligible in this Content Challenge (an eligible item):
    • it must be new (ie, not previously available for license on Envato Market or Elements);
    • you must use the correct tag, Illustration2020;
    • it must be submitted to Envato for review and approval within the Challenge Period; and
    • the item must ultimately be reviewed, approved and uploaded for sale on Envato Market or Elements (or both). This may occur shortly after the Challenge Period, as long (3)(c) is satisfied.
  4. Here’s what you could possibly earn for participating in our Content Challenge. There’s up to $20,000 available for eligible and participating authors. Described below is how it works.
    • For your first eligible item approved and uploaded (on either Market or Elements), you will earn $20 (the Initial Payment). Each author is eligible for one Initial Payment only (even if, for example, you are an author on both Market and Elements). There will be a maximum of $10,000 available to distribute to authors as Initial Payments. First in, best dressed – so get your items in for review quickly.
    • You may also receive a share of what we’ll call the Challenge Funds Pool. The maximum amount that could be available in the Challenge Funds Pool will be $10,000 plus any remaining funds from the $10,000 set aside for Initial Payments. If the Challenge Funds Pool becomes available for distribution (see item (5) below), you’ll receive a proportion of the Challenge Funds Pool, pro rata to the number of new unique eligible items successfully uploaded by you compared to the total number of new unique eligible items uploaded in connection with this Content Challenge.
  5. Availability of the Challenge Funds Pool is discretionary. Among other things, there is a minimum participation condition attaching to the Challenge Funds Pool, which means that for the full amount of funds to be available from the Challenge Funds Pool, there must be a minimum of:
    • 100 unique Envato authors participating in this Content Challenge across Market and Elements; and
    • 500 new unique eligible items successfully uploaded (after review) across Market and Elements,
      as at the end of the Challenge Period. If these conditions are not met, the Challenge Funds Pool will not be available for distribution to authors.
  6. All decisions about:
    • item suitability and eligibility for this Content Challenge;
    • and amounts of any payments to authors, if any,

      are made by Envato and are final. In particular, we make no guarantees about any entitlement to, or availability of, any payment from the Challenge Funds Pool. After the end of the Challenge Period, we’ll notify participating authors who are entitled to payment. This means either an entitlement to an Initial Payment and, if relevant, a proportion of the Challenge Funds Pool. Any payments will be paid into your regular payout account within three months of the end of the Challenge Period.
  7. Some housekeeping matters:
    • To be eligible to participate in this Content Challenge, you need to be an Envato author on Market, Elements or both at all relevant times, including up to any payment dates.
    • Any items or content submitted by you in connection with this Content Challenge is submitted under the terms of:
      • the Envato Market Author Terms;
      • and/or the Envato Elements Author Agreement,
        (as applicable), as well as any other Envato terms and policies that may apply to you as an author from time to time.
    • Further to our policy on multiple author accounts, you may only use one account to participate in this Content Challenge.
    • We’ll review all content submitted in connection with this Content Challenge (and tagged with the correct tag, Illustration2020) and determine eligibility, in accordance with our usual review guidelines. We’ll also review items for relevance to this Content Challenge, and consistency with the brief. Our decision on this is final. So:
      • only items that pass review and are uploaded to Market or Elements entitle you to any payment; and
      • if an item is taken down before any payments are made in connection with this Content Challenge, that item won’t be counted in calculating any entitlement to payment you may have.
    • All dollar amounts are in USD.
  8. Authors remain responsible for meeting any tax obligations that come up as a result of this Content Challenge. However, we may withhold any part of the funds if the law requires us to. 
  9. We reserve the right to disqualify entrants, not approve items for upload, not award any funds in connection with the Content Challenge and to discontinue the Content Challenge if there is any illegal or fraudulent behaviour. We can also cancel this Content Challenge if there are any circumstances that mean the Content Challenge can’t be run as planned (including technical issues, hacking, natural disasters and anything else beyond our control).
  10. To the extent not covered by Envato’s Market Author Terms, Elements Author Agreement, or any other Envato terms and policies, you grant us an ongoing, worldwide, royalty-free non-exclusive license to use any content associated with your submission for the purposes of managing this Content Challenge and otherwise in connection with promoting Envato’s products and services. 

Good luck!

If you’d like to continue the conversation or connect with your author community, make sure to visit the forums post. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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