5 best logo idents on AudioJungle

If you’re refreshing your brand’s visual identity this new year, you might want to consider a new sound for it too.

We asked our community to curate a list of what they think are the 5 best logo idents on AudioJungle. Here’s our ultimate list, as curated by the very talented Illuminations.

Commentary has been lightly edited for clarity.

‘Epic Transformation’ by Illuminations

Of my collection on AudioJungle, this is probably my favorite logo I’ve created.

While it’s mostly sound design elements, there is glassy tone that leads into a huge horn blast. I created this logo specifically for a VideoHive author and the main reason I love it is because of the final result, which you can see here 28 seconds in.

‘Glitchy Digital Crystal Logo #07’ by alkis

This is a well known logo on Audiojungle that inspired a lot of sound-a-likes, but nobody quite does it like alkis. Its blend between mystery and beauty is really showcased here.

‘Trailer Intro Ident’ by MartijndeBont

The epic sound in this logo was created by one of the masters of epic hybrid music on AudioJungle. Giant blasts with booming percussion, combined with sound design elements that are all pushed to the limit in a really good way.

‘Bright Orchestral Logo’ by scoringaudiogeeks

This logo deftly combines subtle rhythmic elements, with strings, and a gentle melody. This logo is very effective in creating a sound that has a lot of interesting elements happening at once, while still not being overly busy.

‘Elegant Particle Reveal Logo’ by thesecession

This one is short and sweet, which is really what most animated logos need to be. This track is very calming and beautifully crafted. The gentle drum part, rising pad, and soft melody go perfectly together.

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You can follow our curator, illuminations, on AudioJungle. And check our other author’s curations of the best logo stings on VideoHive here.


5 best logo stings on VideoHive
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