5 best logo stings on VideoHive

As we prepare to head into the new year, there are going to be a lot of brands looking to refresh themselves and give their video content an edge over the competition. Nothing cuts through better than a fantastic looking logo reveal, and who better to advise on which are the best to get than our community.

So, here are the 5 best logo stings on VideoHive as curated by Envato author, StrokeVorkz.

This author’s commentary has been lightly edited for clarity.

‘Simple Quick Logo’ by StrokeVorkz

My ‘Simple Quick Logo’ reveal features as elegant design, clean formation and natural looking lens flare that reveals the logo. It’s a detailed and dynamic animation that works with all types of logos, be the project corporate or cinematic.

‘Logo 3D Levels’ by Muko


‘Logo 3D Levels’ is well detailed with good camera angles, an elegant reveal and a crisp, clean look that brings a royal style to any logo.

‘Simple Logo Reveal’ by VictoryBox

The simple timing of the animation in this one is great. It has dynamic keyframes, is well suited for all logos of all colors and has a minimal design.

‘Logo Intro Elegance Flare’ by ATIKO

Simple, clean and one of the best logo reveals of all time. Its trendy, minimal animation of your logo will give it a fresh, clean look.

‘Neon Light’ by ImperialFX

A realistic neon look with great detail and animation perfectly synced with the sound effects. Plus, it’s just really cool.

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You can follow our curator, StrokeVorkz, on VideoHive. And check our other author’s curations of the best logo stings on VideoHive here.


Envato Famous Five 16 - NASA 360, a-ha, NRJ Music Awards, BeBox Music and Telekom Romania
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Envato Famous Five 16 - NASA 360, a-ha, NRJ Music Awards, BeBox Music and Telekom Romania