5 music superstars that have used Envato items – Envato Famous Five

From The Weeknd to Kanye West to Christina Aguilera and Fifth Harmony, this is the Envato Famous Five – 5 music superstars that have used Envato items

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Live From Victoria’s Secret 2015 Fashion Show)

Using: ‘Editable Fireworks Package’ by d3luxxxe

It’s one of the biggest songs of the last few years, and in 2015 at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, The Weeknd performed his smash hit ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ live in front of a VideoHive item.

d3luxxxe’s ‘Editable Fireworks Package’ plays in the background of this glossy stage, which also features some of the world’s best known supermodels strutting their stuff down the catwalk. Not a bad achievement earning prominent placement in the most popular fashion show in the world. And in a performance that’s been viewed over 19 million times on YouTube alone.

Christina Aguilera – Change (Lyric Video)

Using ‘Wind Of Change’ by Wayman

In response to the Orlando shooting in the middle of 2016, Christina Aguilera released ‘Change’ and dedicated it to the victims and their families.

And she used Wayman’s VideoHive template ‘Wind Of Change’ in the lyric video for it.

Christina Aguilera ‘Anywhere But Here’ Lyric Video

Using ‘Watercolor & Ink’ by graphicINmotion

She also used a VideHive template back in 2015.

In the lyric video for ‘Anywhere But Here’ she uses graphicINmotion’s ‘Watercolor & Ink’. The effect works well with this intimate song. And with over 700 thousand views on YouTube for it, you could say others agree this pairing is, well, beautiful. Get it? God I’m terrible.

T.I. – About The Money ft. Young Thug

Using: ‘All Of The Lights’ by nemanja_reMAKE

With over 177 million views, T.I’s ‘About The Money’ feat. Young Thug uses nemanja_reMAKE’s VideoHive item, ‘All Of The Lights’.

It pops up right at the beginning. Meaning there’s no way anyone can miss it. It’s simple, effective and it’s gained an unthinkable amount of exposure since the song was released in 2014. Nice.

Fifth Harmony – Worth It ft. Kid Ink

Using: ‘Stock Market Ticker 2’ by Puk

VideoHive item “ Stock Market Ticker ” by Puk runs across the back of this music video for “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony.

It’s a massive deal as this music video’s been viewed over 1 billion times on YouTube alone.

Other than the girls dancing in front of it and a couple of shots of them hanging around a club, this item really is a central part of this video. And for it to be so prominently featured and not look out of place speaks to the quality of this VideoHive item.

Kanye West – Wolves (Balmain Campaign)

Using: ‘Moving Under Trees With Full Moon At Night’ by RockfordMedia

Earlier this year, my jaw dropped to the ground when I heard about where this next item popped up. And I’m still yet to fully pick it up.

In his music video for ‘Wolves’, Kanye West uses an Envato item!

RockfordMedia’s ‘Moving Under Trees With Full Moon At Night’ appears right at the beginning of this film noir inspired clip in which West and Kim Kardshian, among others, feature with what looks like tears streaming down their faces. It also features French fashion house, Balmain’s new season, Vic Mensa and Sia on vocals.

It’s weird. It’s wondeful. And with over 14 million views on YouTube it’s flippin popular.

A seriously big deal.

And that’s our list of 5 music superstars that have used Envato items.

If you have an item that’s popped up somewhere famous, post it in our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread


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