5 Things You Can Do to Give Buyers a Great Experience

Have you ever experienced last minute jitters that ended in clicking the close button instead of buying that long debated purchase?

According to our authors there are a few things you can do to help customers during the ‘hmmm maybe’ moments that will help them feel more assured.

If you are an author who needs to change ‘maybes’ into ‘more’, we’ve asked around and found the top 5 things sellers can do to improve buyer experience.

The top 5 things you can do to improve buyer experience:

1) A well-designed preview image works wonders:

If you present your file well with a good description and preview, buyers will get a better idea about what they are purchasing and feel more comfortable when purchasing your item.

Gift Box by lightzone

2) Polish your code:

Polish your code on CodeCanyon and ThemeForest.
Take the time to organize your code and comment about it. Author sevensparkwas surprised to see how many customers took the time to thank him for commenting a HTML template he made.

Sevenspark suggests that

“this goes for HTML , CSS, JavaScript, PHP , or any other code. Customers want to customize their purchases, and the more you explain the code inline (a) the happier they will be and (b) the fewer support requests you’ll receive. Include both a development and minified version of JS files”.

3) Make your help materials are easy to access:

Make sure your documentation is clearly labeled and easy to find. Link directly to your support guide, support forum, video tutorials and extras from the plugin/theme. This makes it easy for customers to find the answers they need immediately after encountering a problem, rather than having to go searching for your help material.

Needle in a Haystack by joebelanger

4) Showcase ways to use your items:

Creating a showcase for your item allows the buyer to see how versatile the item is. When they can see some great uses for the item they will have a better understanding of the product and feel more comfortable when they buy. An author who makes some fantastic showcases of his GraphicRiver items isArtBees.

5) Video tutorials:

Video tutorials are awesome. Having a video tutorial to accompany your item gives customers another option in addition to your well-written, easy to find help guide. Buyers will appreciate the added effort and it speaks volumes about your dedication to the product. The added bonus? It will reduce support requests! An author who makes excellent use of video tutorials is Crozer.

Many of our Marketplace authors have realized that buyer experience is an important aspect of marketing their products and are reaping the rewards. When we improve the buyers experience, purchasing becomes easier and more enjoyable for those who might otherwise walk away.

A big thanks to PatrikL and sevenspark for helping me with this post.

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