Building Blocks – A Collection of Gutenberg News, Resources and Conversations | #GetGutenbergReady Series 2018

Since WordCamp and the announcement of Gutenberg last year, there has been a range of Gutenberg related news and resources available. In a recent interview with Matt Mullenweg, it was made clear that there was no confirmed date for Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 as yet, however “we will have one or two orders of magnitude more users of Gutenberg in April.”

We’re expecting to see a ‘Try Gutenberg’ call-out prompt to encourage users to try Gutenberg in WordPress 4.9.6. This prompt will encourage users to try Gutenberg, providing links to information and a button to install the plugin. This can help to grow the number of people testing the features, however also poses risks around installing software that’s still in active development in just two clicks.

With this in mind, it is important to stay up to date with all the news and developments around Gutenberg and make sure that as an author, you understand how the industry landscape and your items, might be affected very soon. Check out these handy links to all the latest events, classes and articles that we have compiled to help you get prepared for Gutenberg in 2018!

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Industry News, Articles & Resources:

Online and Offline Events, Live Interviews & Meetups:

Videos and Courses:

Social Networks & Groups

Check out these resources and let us know what you think of Gutenberg!

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