Announcing Envato EuroTour 2017

A few months ago we put out a post on the forums letting authors know our intention to head to Europe for a WordPress conference in Paris. We put it out there that if authors were willing to host meetups around the dates of the conference, we’d do our best to try and get to as many as we could.

A MASSIVE thank you to all the authors who put their names forward to host meetups and help us get organized. We could not do this without you.

Today, after a TON of logistics exercises to try and figure out what’s feasible for us, we’ve finalised the lineup of meetups we’ll be able to visit. We’re still working with meetup hosts to get the details finalised for Berlin and London and we’ll link those once their pages are completed.

June 6 – Rotterdam

We kick off EuroTour in Rotterdam with an afternoon meetup around Rotterdam Central Station. We’ll spend time in the central district before grabbing a bite to eat. We’ll finish up in time for authors to head home for dinner (if they want to).

June 8 – Kraków

From west to east we’re off to Kraków in Poland for an evening meetup of stories and entertainment at the famous Harris Piano Jazz Bar in the heart of the city’s old town.

June 9 – Ljubljana

In the south east of Europe is a small country with a big presence around Envato. Slovenia is home to many successful authors and we’ll be enjoying a meetup below one of their offices after touring around the city.

June 10 – Padua

The tech powerhouse of Italy is in the northeast of the country and we’ll experience it firsthand courtesy of an amazing group of authors based in Padua and Venice. The Italians are known for their hospitality (and good food) and an afternoon meetup is sure to have it on full display.

June 11 – Berlin

Berlin, the city of bridges, museums, and the largest department store on the continent. Located in the heart of Europe Berlin will play host to an urban meetup of brilliant creatives.

June 13 – Stockholm

How many Eurovision champions have come from Sweden? It’s a lot. The home city of Spotify is no stranger to music and fresh off a weekend festival, authors are hosting an island meetup in the sky, showcasing the best of Stockholm.

June 15 – Paris

With the conference looming, our team will converge on Paris for a day of site seeing with authors. From there it’s off to the Eiffel Tower for an evening meal and sunset meetup.

June 19 – London

No European tour would be complete without a trip to London and it’s the last stop on this year’s tour. The largest municipality in Europe and a global cultural influence, our hosts are preparing a delightfully British meetup experience.

Get Involved!

We’d love to meet you in person. If you are in or around any of the cities we are visiting, please RSVP and join us! We’re looking forward to hanging out with as many Europe-based authors as we can in the time we’re there.

If you want to get involved but cannot make it out to any of the dates or locations we’re at, you can follow along on social (we’ll be on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram), through regular posts here and of course, we’ll be all over the forums with pictures, videos, stories and conversations.

We couldn’t get to them all…

Unfortunately time and budget mean we aren’t able to get to every meetup happening but it doesn’t mean you can’t go if you’re close. Visit the meetups page to see all the events happening and make sure you get out to at least one if you can.

EuroTour 2017 is just around the corner, see you there!

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