Announcing the Winners of Our Recent API Contest

We asked you to develop a brand new tool/app using our brand new API. We had $1,750-worth of prizes to give away and here are the winners!

Grand Prize WinnerDesertFox by junglist

DesertFox by Junglist

Desert Fox is an extraordinary tool that can help you find beautiful photos for your blog post or web site and give you an instant preview of how they would look within your text.

This is an incredible online app that allows buyers to write and prepare an article and pull in images directly from PhotoDune. Images can be resized and repositioned accordingly and then when the article is ready, the user can purchase the images in the article directly from PhotoDune. This is a super-useful tool that also includes a great tutorial on how to use it. Check it out for yourself!

Very well done to junglist! Junglist wins the following awesome prizes!

  • $1,000 PayPal Prize
  • An Envato T-Shirt
  • Won an API Contest Badge

Runner-Up – Nvatoro by bentenstudio


Our judges really liked Android app Nvatoro by bentenstudio and thought it was really well presented. The app is for buyers and sellers on Envato Market and allows users to track recent sales and view a full statement, show popular and random items while browsing, see brand new items from available categories and much more!

Bentenstudio wins the following prizes for this terrific effort!

  • $500 PayPal Prize
  • An Envato T-Shirt

3rd PlaceWanted Item Notification by crivion

Wanted Item Notification

The Wanted Item Notification tool is our final winner! This useful tool for buyers allows the user to set notifications for when new content becomes available on Envato Market.

So let’s say you run a beauty salon and you’re looking for a brand new website: You can set up notifications to tell you when authors submit brand new beauty salon themes or templates on ThemeForest, fashion music on AudioJungle, and photos of modern hairstyles on PhotoDune!

The way it works across all Envato Market sites is incredibly useful! So no matter if you’re interested in brand new videos, music, themes, or graphics, the Wanted Item Notification tool is here to help!

Many congratulations to crivion who wins the following:

  • $250 PayPal Prize
  • An Envato T-Shirt

Special Mention

Our judges also really wanted to give special praise to the following entries which really stood out in the contest and made selecting the winners a super tough task!

Wizvato by dtbaker


Lumberjack by InfinityCode


Vatomium Comparator by pragmaticmates

Vatomium Comparator

Envatizr by mondotheme


EnvaMart by gravityidea


Awesome Tools for Buyers

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to enter, we really enjoyed seeing what everyone created, and we hope buyers now have some nifty new tools and ammunition they can use to peruse and discover more awesome content throughout Envato Market!

Many congratulations once again to all our winners, we’ll be in touch soon with your prize information!

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