Author Highlights – Envato 2018 Public Impact Statement

“When the community succeeds, we succeed.”

We recently published our first Public Impact Statement to provide some insights into how we work as a business, the global community we support and to invite feedback on how we can do better in the future.  

Our vision is to be the place where anyone can get creative projects done and where authors – like yourselves, can showcase your work from anywhere in the world. With our international reach, we have over 2.2 million customers across our platforms, which now includes over 100,000 active subscribers on Envato Elements.

All of this means more ways for authors to grow with Envato.

Community Earnings

Our product strategies are focused on creating pathways for authors to earn, and this year we experienced a boost in earnings from subscribers as well as a record year for community earnings overall – surpassing US$700 million since we began!

Our recent addition to the family, Placeit has also made a big step in the right direction towards creating even more opportunities for our community to earn. More than a dozen of our audio authors have earned over US$100,000 so far.

Community earnings across Envato

We are really proud that our community earns more than our company! This is a major point of difference when compared to the largest companies in our space (see image below).

We believe it speaks to the quality, dedication and passion of our author community who continue to publish new, innovative and on-trend content everyday.

Company vs community earnings

Envato Elements

With our 50-50 revenue share (via the Subscriber Share model) and as subscribers continue to grow, recurring author earnings are also increasing month to month on Elements.

The addition of Video and Audio on Elements this year has also brought in more customers than ever before and provided even more value to our subscription, steadily increasing author earnings. More specifically we’ve seen that even by growing author numbers by 36%, average earnings have still continued to increase by almost 50% on Elements.

Overall, in the last quarter of the year, we passed US$1 Million a month in recurring author earnings – how awesome is that?!

Recurring author earnings on Envato Elements

Moving Forward

As we move into 2019, we will continue to grow with our community and make meaningful impact where we can.

Our core value to create a win-win for us as a company, and our entire community – customers, authors, staff and other stakeholders is reflected in the decisions we make, the initiatives we invest in and most importantly, our people.

Check out the full Public Impact Statement here for more details and follow the conversation thread on the Envato Forums

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