UpSolution becomes a Power-Elite.

UpSolution are a group of six young passionate web developers from Russia, Ukraine and Germany. Their headquarters is located in Moscow, where, we’re told, you can taste some seriously great coffee and meet some of their local team members. “Before we started our joint company, our lead designer tried to get a job as a storekeeper. Frankly speaking, […]

“It’s the freedom to bring our awesome ideas to life…” A few words from TieLabs, our newest Power Elite Author.

Fouad Badawy began his career working as a freelancer web designer and developer. In 2012, he submitted “Sahifa”, his first ever item, to Themeforest. The theme became a runaway success, remaining at the top of the charts in Blog/Magazine category for over than 30 months. Since then, Fouad’s career, and his company TieLabs has gone […]

“The easy road is always overcrowded.” The tale of tagDiv, our newest Power Elite.

Far away (or not so far , depending on where you live)  in Transylvania, in the picturesque town of Alba Iulia, Radu Oprea joined forces with Marius Padureanu, started tagDiv, and began to walk the road less travelled. It may not have been easy, but having ascended to the awesome ranks of the Power Elite, their story has quite […]