Happy Hogash Day

Congratulations to our newest Power Elite author hogash, a small team of designers, developers and support staff founded by Hogas Marius. The secret to his success was discovering it’s not enough just to have items on the Marketplaces—you need to constantly develop your skills, and put the needs of the buyer first. The best thing […]

Happy ThemePunch Day!

Congratulations to ThemePunch, who have reached Power Elite status by making one million dollars worth of sales. This team is the perfect example of a collaboration that works—three Envato authors decided to combine their efforts over a German beer. In August 2011, Krisztian and Dirk (both from “FlashHorvath”) and Moritz from “Damojo” had a casual […]


Let’s give a huge congratulations to team THEMECO, who have made an amazing one million dollars in sales and reached Power Elite status. With just a single item they’ve made almost 20,000 sales and gathered 321 followers in just six months. They’ve chosen to share the limelight on their special day, and use a chunk […]