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Do you want fries with that? – The art of cross-selling

Cross-selling is a great way to gain higher revenue, both in traditional and online stores. You may recall the most famous instance of this when McDonald’s raised their sales significantly by asking one simple question: “Do you want fries with that?”  In their own way, online eCommerce stores can do the same. What cross-selling is and why you […]

Improve the conversions of your fashion product page

A pain point of selling fashion products on an eCommerce website versus selling them in a bricks and mortar store is that it’s difficult to give visitors a physical overview of your products. Unlike digital items like WordPress themes and plugins, physical products like clothes and food need to be touched and tasted before you make the decision to purchase. In […]

The pros and cons of WordPress eCommerce themes for niche markets

Multi-purpose themes are becoming a trend on ThemeForest. But how about not going with the flow? This article follows on from the viewpoint established by Primož Cigler from ProteusThemes – a niche theme provider on ThemeForest. In his recent article for Envato Community, Primož stated that focusing on niche themes has helped them develop themes […]

4 eCommerce design trends that will make your conversion rate POP in 2016

Introduction The beginning of any new year brings with it countless articles on web design trends, but deciphering which ones are worth paying attention to is difficult. So, I’ve picked out the best ones that can help explode conversions and revenue for online shop owners. This article contains statistics, real-life situations, as well as the […]