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Take your portfolio to the next level. Start earning more money and sell in more places. Applications are now open. Authors are hand-picked by our team to join.

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Why sell on Elements?

Additional Earnings

By making your existing items available for download on Elements, you will discover a whole new revenue stream.

Only The Best

We only have the best authors with great items on Envato Elements. Get your portfolio ready & apply to be part of this author group

50% Share

Every month, half of the net revenue from all subscriptions goes straight to our authors. So thats another great income stream.

1 Simple Licence

No complicated licences to manage for your items. It’s simple – there’s 1 licence to rule them all.

No Support Needed

We’ll provide the customer support giving you more time to focus on creating new items for Elements.

Growing Audience

With our huge and ever-growing audience, we’ll take care of marketing your amazing content.

Who can sell on Elements?

We’re looking for people who can contribute top quality items to Elements. Authors are selected by:

  • Offering a great online portfolio of existing work.
  • Consistently creating and offering high quality items.
  • Creating new items that are on trend with commercial demand.

What can you sell?

All types of digital templates and assets, from graphics and website templates to photography and stock footage.

We accept high quality, on-trend design assets including Fonts, Print Templates, Product Mockups, Presentation Templates, Icons, Add-ons, Backgrounds & more.

We accept high quality Themes & Templates. As an existing Author on ThemeForest you can select the Themes & Templates you’d like to also offer on Elements.

We accept high quality, authentic photos with commercial demand and utility. Authentic stock photography is the art of capturing an image that appears to be “in the moment” and “real”.

We accept high quality Video Templates such as After Effects, Premiere Pro & Apple Motion Templates. We also accept high quality Video Stock from VideoHive portfolios.

We accept high quality Music & Ident items as well as Sound Effects from AudioJungle portfolios.

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Frequently asked questions.

How do I earn money on Elements?

We pay authors 50% of the net subscription revenue from subscribers who have downloaded their items each earnings cycle, split amongst eligible authors using the subscriber share model. Check out the Payouts for Envato Elements category for more information.

How are Elements Authors selected and reviewed?

Envato Elements authors are hand-picked by our team to join. If you’d like to register your interest in becoming an author, Apply now by clicking the button below. If successful you’ll receive an email invite to complete the steps needed to become an Elements Author. See the selection criteria to find out more.

Where can I find out more about the Elements licence?

All items on Envato Elements have the same simple license terms. Check out the licence terms.

What is subscriber share, and how does it work?

Subscriber share is the revenue share methodology we use on Envato Elements to allocate 50% of net subscription revenue among individual authors. Please read our article on subscriber share over on the Elements Help Centre.

What are the exclusivity rules?

Selling on Elements is easy regardless of your current exclusivity arrangement with Envato. If you are Exclusive to Envato Market not only is it permitted to sell on Elements, we actually encourage it! For more information, refer to As an exclusive Market author, can I upload the same items to Elements? article.

Non-Exclusive to Envato Market
Content on Envato Elements is not required to be exclusive and can be sold on Envato Market or elsewhere.

When are my earnings paid?

When you first join you will receive your first earnings 2 months after you join. Due to our revenue share methodology, there is a necessary delay before we can calculate author earnings. The reason is that we need to wait until an individual subscription period has finished and no more downloads can occur before we can determine the earnings value of those downloads. After this, we pay out your earnings into your nominated account each month.

Earn more doing what you love. Become an Elements Author.

Apply for Elements today to take your portfolio to the next level. Authors are hand-picked by our team to join. Applications are now open.

Apply for Elements

As an Author with Envato Elements, you’re responsible for ensuring you comply with all of our legal requirements. This includes following any applicable laws, tax & financial requirements, our user terms and author agreement, along with any guidelines or policies set.