The best music for drone videos and film

We invited our community to curate lists of the best music for drone footage videos and here’s what they recommended!

This Magic Moment by Adigold

“Uplifting, positive, and the melodic piano is accompanied by a lush orchestra to convey hope and inspiration.” — VladProduction

Emotional Indie Rock by Leon_Felekyan

“Cinematic rock music with atmospheric guitar soundscapes is great for drone video. This track works particularly well in projects that contain slow-motion footage.” — Leon_Felekyan

Heaven on Earth by 

“My intention for this track was to support motion and expansive visuals that allow the viewer to feel and experience a journey.” —

Epic Heroic Uplifting Trailer by 

“This is a great inspiring track for videos from a bird’s flight. Perfect for shooting video of wildlife and colorful landscapes.” — VladimiirZ

Summer Trip-Hop by 

“This energetic trip-hop track is perfect for drone video & photography. It’s so inspiring!” — original_soundtrack

Ambient Background by 

“Suitable for flight over city skyscrapers and highways, it has an urban feel to it with atmospheric pads and vocal phrases with a delay.” — 

Epic Landscapes by 

“This cinematic and melodic landscape background track is perfect for landcape videos.” — 

Inspiring Piano by 

Beautiful piano ambient piece, very airy.” — BlueBuddy

Atmospheric by 

“Light, emotional, and great atmospheric track for drone video.” — 

Memories by 

Very beautiful music perfect for slow-motion video with beautiful landscapes, wide panoramas, mountains with snow caps and blue lagoons, just close your eyes!” — ZirconiumAudio

Inspiration by 

“Fantastic track, cool tempo. Really inspiring and massive sound.” — AeroStock

Inspiring & Uplifting Cinematic Trailer by 

“This one sounds huge, sweeping and dramatic. It also has multiple mixes & edits, excellent work.” — PromoSapien

Dreams Take Flight by 

“This track has an emotional weight to it when played under the slow moving drone footage which I find pretty inspiring.” — 

Ethereal World by 

“Mystery, innocence, sincerity, purity, passion, love and beauty of the world. It’s all combined with ornament of ethnic instruments and voices..” — 

Inspirational Piano by 

Inspiring piano melody and light orchestra.” — 

Dramatic Drone Flight by 

“Sparse acoustic track composed specifically for smooth, beautiful aerial footage.” — 

Epic by 

“I find this kind of epic, slightly melancholic and majestic music is always a great choice when flying over great and beautiful landscapes.” — 

Pure Sky by 

“Floating and surrounding, emotionally rich and colourful track with sentimental and dreamy mood.” — 

New World by 

Emotional epic track ideal for flying a drone through cities, and over mountains, lakes, rivers, and more.” — AShamaluev

Inspiring Piano & Orchestra by WolfSound

Simply a masterpiece! Perfect smooth piano accompanied by soft legato strings and rousing percussion. Just close your eyes and imagine flying over lakes and forests!” — VoidCore

Drone Stock Footage

Watch our short video below showcasing the combination of incredible drone stock video footage from VideoHive and beautiful music from AudioJungle:

Music: The Magic Moment by AdiGold

View / listen to the full collection of 20 songs and check out further recommendations from our community.

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