5 best photography WordPress themes

There are a lot of photography WordPress themes on the market, but between the niche and more generalized multipurpose ones, the volume of choice can sometimes be overwhelming.

So we decided to ask our community to help us curate a list of the 5 best photography WordPress themes and share what works about them.

Here’s our selection curated with the help of Aether-Themes.

You can also find the full thread of author curations here.

Clean Photo – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme | by wphunters


This one is targeted at the traveling photographer or the photography blogger. It achieves the difficult task of combining both a beautiful photography showcase with space for other content, such as your journal. The name of the theme speaks for itself. It’s a really clean design that compels you to look around the site and see what else it has to offer.

SOHO – Fullscreen Photo & Video WordPress Theme | by GT3themes


This is an instant classic. A truly immersive full-screen theme with a smooth slideshow and a variety of options to showcase your portfolio. You can take the traditional road with this one and let your photography speak for itself or you have the option of adding more detailed descriptions. And the seamless integration with social networks will have you sharing your photos on Facebook in no time.

TwoFold Photography – Fullscreen Photography Theme | by fuelthemes


This theme certainly has a premium feel. Its ultra-modern design and attention to detail is what sets it apart. It has thoughtful features, such as password protected content, and striking visuals to make your work as a photographer pop. Many features for showcasing your work are available. The only issue you’ll have is choosing just one.

Bluebird – Design for Professional Photographers | by Colormelon


A super modern theme that gets to the point quickly with a beautiful horizontal slider. Showcasing your work doesn’t get any easier than this. Captivating transitions all around the site create an immersive experience – and that’s what a photography site is all about, creating an experience for the customer not just serving them with the images.

Fusion – Responsive Photography & Portfolio WordPress Theme | by CleverSoft


Finally, this one I’d put under the category of portfolio themes for photography studios. It’s great for the freelance photographer but where it shines most is with studios. It has a layout built to showcase project-based photography and it does this well. It provides really versatile options for project descriptions and comprehensive “About” pages that would fit a photography studio perfectly, making this theme perfect for showing not only your work but your business as well.

You can find Aether-Themes on ThemeForest and check out our other author curated lists in this thread


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