How the winners of the SevenStyles competition created their entries

Recently we challenged our community to make the most amazing things they could using Photoshop plugin, “Flex” by GraphicRiver‘s SevenStyles. Now, we’ve asked the Authors of some of our winning entries how they came up with their creations. Nippur (Argentina) – Grand Prize Winner “Actions are not my strongest skill…” My name is Matias Sesti (aka Nippur), and I’m a freelance motion […]

See the $2,000 Prize Winners in our Apple iTunes Redesign Contest

We invited our creative community to redesign Apple iTunes and we ended-up with 16 incredible finalists. Envato UX Designer Jess Ng scrutinized every pixel and UX consideration from each finalist and picked the winners below! Grand Prize Winner ($1,000): Saerox “Clean design, visually appealing and information is well layed out with clear visual hierarchy. I know exactly […]