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5 famous car brands that have used Envato items – Envato Famous Five 13

Welcome to the Envato Famous Five. Today we’re looking at 5 famous car brands that have used Envato items. BMW Driving Experience – Namibia Multiday Tour First today, BMW Germany has used two AudioJungle tracks to accompany its feature on the driving experience over a multi-day tour of Namibia. Under these sweeping shots of vehicles storming […]

An interview with Power Elite, StylemixThemes

International powerhouse StylemixThemes are one of Envato’s newest Power Elite authors. We asked them a few questions about their team, how they got started, and their tips for upcoming authors. These answers have been edited foro clarity. Enjoy! Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do for a living? Hi! We are StylemixThemes and we have dedicated […]

How this Envato Elements author fell into the freelance life

Envato Elements contributor, Yevhenii (aka Bangingjoints) from Ukraine, sheds light on his creative journey. Yevhenii doesn’t know whether it’s his love of HipHop culture, the “thug shredding” world of his childhood hero Steven Segal, or his love for the smell of fresh paint that inspired his creative soul. But the Motion Graphics Designer better known […]