HoneyLoud’s 5 Point Recipe to Write Music on Trend

AudioJungle team, Lilla & Gergő  a.k.a – HoneyLoud explore how to research great ideas, stay up to date with all the latest music trends and how to source inspiration to fuel your work every day. ________________________________________________________________________________________ In the past, we had two very different ways of living. I was a sociologist in an office and Gergő […]

Top Trends in Video – April 2018

With the launch of Video on Elements this year, our Content Specialist – Mark Brodhuber has compiled the top three trends in our marketplace right now. These span across multiple categories from product promotion, infographics and stomp-style animations. Explore these trends for examples of great featured items in the marketplace! Additionally, check out the best […]

Graphic Trends & Featured Items

Explore the latest graphic trends below for examples of great print templates featured in the marketplace. These include modern flyer templates, hand-drawn typefaces, minimalist stationery sets and more! Additionally, check out the best practice guidelines for graphic items using this handy link here on the Help Center. A modern, geometric flyer template suitable for many […]