Discover the Photo Trends on Elements Now

People are seeking authenticity more than ever before. People need to see real people, real experiences and real emotions. How are these moments reflected in your photos? 

We’ve taken a deep dive into photos on Elements to uncover the latest trends and give you the rundown of what customers are looking for this season.

Check out the list of photo topics/themes that are currently trending on Elements:


This includes everything from computers to smartphones, social media, eCommerce, virtual reality and even medical devices.


This includes decorations, families getting together, traveling, gifts under the Christmas tree, gingerbread cookies, arts and crafts.

Tip: Try looking into the various traditions across the world (not just Santa Claus/Christmas).


This includes a family meal, preparations for the holidays, doing daily chores, outdoor activities or hobbies. Tip: Avoid the cliché family portraits, create images that represent daily life, that feels real.


This includes people working or simply objects/buildings under construction.

Tip: Try creating content outside of usual stereotypes e.g women in the construction industry or different nationalities. This can help make your images more relatable on a global scale.


This will range from individual sports to team sports, from amateurs with an active lifestyle to pro athletes. You can also include photos of specific sports and people in action.

Tip: Diversity is welcome here, including age, sex, gender or nationality etc.


This includes a diversity of wedding ceremonies from different countries and cultures and photos expressing the concept of love and complicity in the day to day life.


That’s it, folks. Happy Uploading!

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