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This week, we caught up with Envato author and Forums moderator, Bailey Herbert on the release of his new tool – Enseek for Authors. Check out the features available, how you can use it as an author and all the exciting plans for the future. 


“My fascination with programming has always been about creating things that other people can use, and seeing such a positive response is very encouraging and motivating.”

I’m a 20-year-old student from the sunny state of Arizona. I’ve been programming for roughly ten years now and discovered Envato about six years ago. Though I started as a buyer, Envato inspired me to become a freelance developer and also upload a few items of my own.

During this time I’ve had the amazing opportunity to participate on the community forums, meet and interact with other authors, and draw motivation from others’ achievements. Lately, I have been spending some of my spare time working on fun projects for the community here!

What is Enseek?

Enseek for Authors is a free service which allows AudioJungle authors to find and monitor for VideoHive items using their music. Many VideoHive items include music from AudioJungle in their preview files. Until now, authors had no simple way of finding such items using their music.

How does it work?

The current release is a free website for AudioJungle authors to find instances of their music being used in previews for VideoHive items. It also includes opt-in email notifications when new such instances are found – Check it out here.

Features available now:

  • See all music items indexed under your account.
  • See a full list of VideoHive items which use your music.
  • Receive email notifications (optional) when new VideoHive items are found.

The second release will be a music recognition system for buyers to identify an item from AudioJungle by uploading a clip of the song. For example, often on the forums, we’ll see someone asking to identify the music used in a YouTube video, and they’ll say, “the video says it is from AudioJungle but doesn’t mention the name.”

This part of the project would give them a tool to find the item, instantly, simply by entering the YouTube URL or manually uploading a video/audio file. It will use audio fingerprints to match clips to items, similar to Shazam.

Why did you decide to create it?

I’ve seen a lot of buyers on the community forums asking for help with identifying music from the preview files they downloaded. In order to help with these requests, I began building a database of every item on AudioJungle and their preview files. After gathering all of this data, I realized it could also be used to create a service like Enseek, and since it wouldn’t take much additional effort, I used some time off during winter break to make it happen.

What was your design/creative process?

The success of Enseek required careful planning. I designed the database to be as fast and efficient as possible, figured out exactly what data I would collect from items, and determined the method to build a database of every item on VideoHive – a task that is surprisingly complex.

After much prototyping, this portion of the project was successful and I let it start discovering items while I worked on Enseek’s interface. Designing the interface was pretty straightforward. I drew up some sketches and wireframes and got straight to work on the code.

What are the future plans for Enseek?

Yes! In the distant future, I plan to extend the Enseek service to buyers and add music recognition, allowing anyone to identify AudioJungle items by uploading a small clip, such as from a YouTube video.

I’m also working on some other projects for the community, such as mobile apps to track earnings and a web app to track statistics about the Envato Market over time. Stay tuned!

Who is your favorite CodeCanyon author at the moment?

One author that has caught my eye lately is EmberThemes. Though they have been here for quite some time, recently they’ve been pushing out a stream of new, unique, and high-quality items. I think their diligence and thought that goes into each item, is inspiring.

You can check out Bailey’s portfolio here. If you have any questions, want to continue the conversation or connect with Bailey, jump over to the announcement post on the forums and say hello!

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