Envato Elements Video Production Brief

Competition Summary

We want you, our top Video Authors, to create a YouTube ad for Envato Elements.

We want to give you the creative freedom to share video concepts that you believe will best showcase Envato Elements as the best subscription for video creators.

Round 1: Concepts

First, we want to see your video concepts in the form of a treatment, so please provide a pitch or synopsis (no more than 200 words) with accompanying storyboards. Please also include links to any inspiration videos you intend to draw from. Submit these as a single PDF document to competitions@envato.com.

We will then select the most liked concepts to move onto the next stage in creating the video – those selected will receive $6k USD for their time in creating this.

Selection Criteria:

  • Creativity demonstrated in the concept.
  • Understanding of audience and product demonstrated through the concept.
  • Quality and versatility of existing portfolio (Elements or external).

Round 2: Development (for those whose concepts are selected)

If we are excited by your concept as above and you’re successful in Round 1, you will move onto Round 2. A $6,000 USD payment will be made to those selected for Round 2 and will be paid on the timely completion of the ad. 

Working with Envato’s marketing team, you will refine your concept to ensure the messaging is accurate and aligned with the Envato Elements product and brand. You will then be expected to produce a final product in 1 month (4 weeks), delivering your final submissions.


Drive viewers to subscribe to Envato Elements through your creative video.

Project Overview

Please deliver a 45 second video in 1080px (Standard HD) or 4K and provide the raw Premiere Pro and/or After Effects files and assets in a zipped file to Envato upon completion.

We want to see the best video you can produce to showcase Envato Elements to filmmakers, content creators and video editors.

You will need to incorporate a variety of assets from a range of different authors and showcase a mix of the following Envato Elements asset types: 


  • No profanity
  • No political commentary
  • No religious content
  • No violence
  • No drug references
  • No sexual references
  • No nudity


The majority of our user base is American males, aged 25-34. For this ad we want you to focus on video creators who are those customers.

Within our video creator audience, there are a number of different types of users to consider. We could be talking to anyone from big-budget filmmakers to social media content creators, so keep that in mind as you’re developing a treatment for your concept.

We’re also speaking to an audience who, between them, have a variety of jobs types. This affects how they look at the Envato Elements product. Keep the following in mind when you’re developing your concept:

  • Freelancers – work for themselves
  • In-house creatives – works for a business owned by someone else
  • Agency owners / managers – owns and/or manages a creative business
  • Small business owners – runs a small business that needs marketing content
  • Hobbyists – enjoys creating videos but it’s not their main profession


We want you to demonstrate what video creators can do with assets from Envato Elements.

Main message:

We want to give you the freedom to create something spectacular, so we don’t want to provide you with a specific tagline or rigid phrasing for the main message. We want the ad to feel aspirational and we like the following ideas but are open to where your creativity takes you:

  • Dream big, create bigger.
  • Create beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Imagination without boundaries. 
  • Infinite inspiration.
  • Bring your imagination to life.
  • Dream it, build it, share it.

Selling points:

  • Millions of studio-quality video assets, including Video Templates, Stock Footage, Motion Graphics, Audio Tracks
  • Unlimited downloads – download all the assets you need, for one low cost.
  • Value for money
  • Simple commercial licensing.
  • New assets added daily, created by industry experts worldwide.


  • Creative
  • Cool 
  • Epic
  • Inspirational


Here is some inspiration for you to consider in your concept. We don’t expect / want you to produce something exactly the same but these may be useful in determining the style of video we’re looking for.

Featured Author: Meet The4
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Featured Author: Meet The4