Envato EuroTour 2018 | Highlights Across Seven Cities

This June, we have had a whirlwind of a time with our awesome community of Authors as we embarked on the long journey from Australia to Europe for EuroTour 2018.

It has been a special opportunity to connect, learn, make friends and build experiences as an Author. For our Envato team, it’s also been a time to share and engage in these conversations with you as a whole community.

Now that we have had some time to reflect and gather our key takeaways with EuroTour officially wrapped up, we wanted to share some of these special moments, highlights (including topics discussed) and the people who attended the Meetups all across Europe!

With 500+ Authors in attendance, Eurotour 2018 is our largest ever gathering of Authors across Europe and we are excited to share our experiences with you.

Let’s Get Started.

EuroTour Meetups are a combination of both learning and connection. Authors are able to socialize and meet with other Authors, while also being able to share experiences and learnings of their journey. It is also a unique time to have face-to-face time with Envato staff, who are there to share insights on the roadmap coming up and answer any author questions.

Authors engaged in conversations around Envato Elements, insights into the video and audio space, and what’s coming up for Envato. This included local Author Presentations on a variety of topics, and an interactive UX Design Mapping activity on Internationalization where Authors shared their diverse perspectives with fellow Envatian staff.  

The power of YouTube was an area of growing interest. Authors discussed how bloggers are increasingly using video and that there is a growing need for graphic and audio assets for this market. Authors highlighted that Envato is well positioned to adapt to changing trends in design and technology as more people diversify their skills, and use platforms such as YouTube to build a more sustainable business.

Authors also talked about Gutenberg and its role as a game-changer for themes and plugins. They discussed the challenge and need for to Authors navigate this new space and ways to optimize their items to help enhance the user experience.

Here are some of the quotes from Authors on the content and activities held at EuroTour 2018:

  • On Quality: “For the very first time I’ve got a good understanding of Envato’s quality standards and how to be able to meet them.”
  • On Elements: “I liked that someone finally explained how versatile Elements is and where I could use it for my work – as a customer and an Author.
  • On Author Presentations: “A real case, a description of the experience is always interesting. Strengthens the belief that it is quite possible to become a successful Author.”
  • On Internationalization: “I felt that my cultural background really matters to envato and that even I could contribute to the platform.”
  • On Q&A Sessions: ” (1) It showed me, that my opinion (even as a buyer) matters and (2) I learned a lot about the workflows and concerns of other Authors.”

Meetups were joined by our team from Envato HQ: Aaron Rutley – WordPress Developer, James Giroux – Author Engagement Lead, Stephen Cronin – WordPress Content Specialist and Stephen Vincent-Grace – Product Manager.

Now, Let’s Dive Into the Cities in More Detail…


It first began in London. Authors were invited for an afternoon of presentations and open discussions at Newspeak House Hosted by Author, codetipi. It was our smallest event, but it wasn’t short of great conversations and connections during the day. It was clear from the outset that a lot of Authors had been working with each other or talking on the forums for a while, but were now only meeting in person for the first time.

A big highlight was also the afterparty. The day finished at Old Street Records, a local bar with a live band. The crew sat there enjoying the music, and engaged in in-depth discussions around the music industry, the technical and commercial realities of being an artist and how producers work with independent vocalists to produce the tracks we hear and love on AudioJungle.

The singer of the band, later joined the Envato Meetup crew and it was fascinating to hear how the conversation unfolded, how they talk to each other and the technical way the conversation went. Authors were building awesome business relationships at the event and it was exciting to see them in their element #GettingThingsDone.


Amsterdam is a beautiful city and you cannot do an event there without the location itself playing an integral role in the experience. The venue, StartDock Coworking was beautiful and this was the first place we had an Elements Author Hosting. It was valuable to learn more about our Author and Host, Krafted their business model and how they work on GraphicRiver and Elements. They shared some of their experiences so far with Elements and their hopes for the platform in the future. 

Author, John Walker Head of Marketing for ThemeREX also held a presentation, which explored their experiences from a web studio to a Power Elite Author in just 5 years!


The Berlin Meetup was led by talented Author and Host, crozer. It was a very quick stop as the Envato team were in the area for just 24 hours – but in that time were still able to meet with many local German Authors and hear the unique stories of their experience! At each of our Meetups, there was a diversity of people however Berlin was a city where the age of the Authors skewed much older than in other cities. It brought a different set of experiences and circumstances to our conversations.

The after-party in Berlin was at a Scottish craft beer pub called BrewDog Berlin Mitte and a big highlight of the trip! It became very clear that spending time with Authors outside of the formal setting of the Meetup was such a rewarding experience for us (and we hope for Authors, too). It provided the opportunity to delve deeper into conversations and get to know our community of Authors and staff as everyday people, like ourselves.

“I enjoyed having in-depth conversations with Authors to see how they are getting on. Learning how they work and what drives them was such an invaluable experience for me.”

Stephen Vincent Grace – Product Manager at Envato.


With the World Cup festivities just kicking off as the team arrived in Russia, the energy and enthusiasm was amazing. The Moscow Meetup was led by Author and Host Alex_Loginoff, who helped facilitate an amazing session. The day turned from being small gatherings to full-on events. We went from 30, to 150 people – it was a serious setup.

Our venue Deworkacy, was awesome and our Authors very enthusiastic. The Envatian staff loved all the shameless selfies with Authors and hearing Author, StylemixThemes presentation on their Power Elite insights and experiences.

The Envato team were also invited to visit the studio of RedLionProduction. We call this, The Russian Initiation.

Author Engagement Lead, James Giroux was asked to create his own AudioJungle item before being allowed to be a part of the part of the VK group, a Russian online social networking service (there are no special privileges for staff!). He had to prove himself, like many Authors do – to create a unique and authentic sound with strict time constraints, but supported by a strong and passionate community of musicians willing to lend a helping hand.

RedLionProduction took James to their studio and helped him use the instruments to create his own song, so that he would have an item of his own. This was his initiation, a very special opportunity to have this experience with an Author.

“Being able see their space and spend time learning about their craft is something our team will always cherish.”

James Giroux – Author Engagement Lead at Envato.


In Kiev, the Meetup was Hosted by Authors, ThemeREX & ki-themes. Here, we had the unique opportunity to get into the office of the ThemeRex team. They are the Authors and owners of four power elite accounts, a massive team of over 80 people across two cities in Ukraine. In their presentation, Author Hennadij Director of ThemeREX walked us through their systems and the painstaking process they go through to bring their incredible themes to life.

The depth of expertise and research they pour into what they do is incredible and we were all so excited to be there. Jemal, their head of QA (and their best English speaker) was nominated to walk us through their systems. He did a great job and in the end was also our translator  at the Kiev Meetup. The event would not have been as successful without his willingness to get up in front of about 250 people and talk for four hours. Wow!

“It was an amazing trip, I really appreciate the opportunity to get to know so many Envato Authors!”

Aaron Rutley, WordPress Developer at Envato.


Belgrade was also where WordCamp Europe was happening, so our community at the Meetup was much more weighted to ThemeForest and CodeCanyon Authors. Author and Host, dzeriho held a great presentation on building a vision and shared this experiences as an Elite ThemeForest and CodeCanyon Author.

James has attended three WordCamp Europe events now, and at each one Author revaxarts has been there. He recalls that getting the chance to hear about their ongoing success as a Power Elite Author and hear about their family (Xaver was getting married the week after WordCamp) is always great.

Spending a few extra days in Belgrade than in some of the other cities   gave Envato staff the chance to deep dive into conversations with many Authors over a few days and it was really neat to hear from them all!

“WordCamp Europe was awesome! It gave me the chance to meet and interact with both ThemeForest/CodeCanyon authors and those involved in the WordPress core project. Learnt lots of stuff!”

Stephen Cronin, WordPress Content Specialist at Envato.


In Bucharest, we were on the final leg of EuroTour and by this point our team weren’t sure what more the Author community had in store… but the Host, Author studio_21 (and all our Hosts) did an absolutely brilliant job of finding a venue and creating a space where Authors could connect with each other.

We loved seeing the way that Authors in Bucharest were able to network and spend time getting to know more about each other at our Meetup at Commons Unirii. We also had our largest representation of remote Envatians in Bucharest.

“Mmm another Romanian pastry, please.”

Stephen Vincent Grace – Product Manager at Envato.

Now, that’s a wrap folks.

THANK YOU to all the Authors and Hosts for attending EuroTour 2018 and sharing this experience with us, as well as your genuine feedback. Especially, big congratulations and huge Thanks to Our EuroTour 2018 Hosts.

Now, more than ever – we believe in the power of Meetups to bring Authors together as one, to better their business and better their community as a whole.

To end, here are just some of the quotes from our community on their overall EuroTour experience..

  • “Showing up, being engaged, sharing the commitment, meeting real people, it all adds up to a sense of community.”
  • “If your friend or colleague is also an Author, I would surely recommend to join a meetup in the future because it’s a chance to talk to others about what you do and love, and find out how others experience the market. Meeting with some of the Envato staff is also quite cool!”
  • “Most important thing is connection and friendship – new ideas and a critics opinion.”
  • “Through the meeting, Envato is no longer just any agency for me. I now know some employees and that makes everything much more sympathetic. The presentation was very helpful and through the discussions during the afterparty I have many new ideas. If Envato repeats such a meeting, I will definitely come back.”
  • “All day activities, nice presentations and discussions for upcoming advanced features. Also, there were many Elite authors that I wanted to meet, and gain some knowledge from their experience.”
  • “Useful information and excellent communication in a pleasant atmosphere. Thank you for this unforgettable day!”
  • “It’s the ability to personally get acquainted with the authors, ask a question and hear an answer to a member of Envato, have a good time with like-minded people and the possibility of cooperation.”

To get involved in Hosting your own Meetup, check out the details and sign up now! Also, see our article on Why Meetups Matter for more information on building a strong offline community.

Photos featured in this article have been taken by our very talented Product Manager, fellow explorer and resident Travel Photographer at Envato ~ Stephen Vincent-Grace.

Thank you for capturing this journey with us.

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