Envato Famous Five #11

Welcome to Envato FAMOUS FIVE!. Each week we’ll be taking a look at five examples of Envato items popping up in famous places. If you’d like to contribute head to our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread.

This week we begin with something cool…

Singlecue – freedom at your fingertip

Ever wanted to control the devices in your home with a movement of your finger? Singlecue is trying to make that possible as it shows in this ad for its new sensor featuring Envato Author, MatMusic’s AudioJungle track “Inspiration”. The track amplifies the slick and modern feel the ad is going for, and is a perfect match for this innovative brand and product.

Never Doubt Rip City

This video features a bunch of national sports pundits dismissing basketball team the Portland Trail Blazers for dead last October and goes on to show how “Rip City” are back in a big way, proving why they should never be doubted. And thanks to TitanSlayer’s “Epic Hybrid Soundtrack”, this video has the intensity of an epic trailer with the track helping to keep you incredibly engaged the whole way through, which is a great compliment to TitanSlayer’s work.

Jelly Bean Bedazzle!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.38.32 pm

With nearly 1 million followers on Facebook and a popular YouTube program called Good Mythical Morning with over 9.7 million subscribers, to have one of our Envato Tuts+ tutorials used by internet duo Rhett and Link is a great endorsement worth bragging about. The pair have used a tutorial called “How to Create a Delicious Jelly Bean Text Effect in Photoshop” by instructor Rose to create the title sequences of this quick video showing how you can bedazzle your things with jelly beans. So cool to know our tutorials are used by such a popular duo. Well done to Rose and Tuts+!

Andres Iniesta 2015/16 ● The Maestro || Dribbling Skills ● Goals ● Assists ● Passes HD

This montage of dribbling skills, goals, assists and passes by We Speak Football has netted over 500,000 views on YouTube and features VideoHive Author, PROSPEKT_PL’s “Minimal Logo” in the opening. It’s really nice exposure for an item that’s simple, yet effective.

Adam & Eve “Edna” 30 Sec. TV Spot

And finally to something a little bit cheeky. This advert for online store Adam & Eve has been running for over 16 months and has seen more than 3000 national airings across the US. While I won’t go into specifics about what’s being advertised, I will say that what really bring brings this video together is Gae47’s track “Bossanova Supermarket”. The mundane quality it adds to this commercial in which the subject matter is anything but, really emphasizes the comedy of it all, adding a great sense of fun. And its use in this ad is yet more great exposure for Gae47 who seems to be racking up the mentions on this weekly list.

If you have an item that’s popped up somewhere famous, post it in our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread

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