Envato Famous Five – Hillary Clinton, Kickboxer Vengence and Nike

Hello and welcome to the Envato Famous Five! Join us as we take a look at five Envato items that have popped up in famous places. If you’d like to contribute head to our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread.

Always | Hillary Clinton

This week the Democratic National Convention took place in Philadelphia and fittingly democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, has used an Envato item in a campaign ad.

The ad titled “Always” covers Clinton’s history fighting for the needs of children, and uses Adigold’s AudioJungle track, “Built to Perfection”.

All eyes have been on the race for the White House this year, and many Envato Authors have benefited, as we’ve seen recently with Marco Rubio’s much derided “Morning Again” campaign ad.

And we’re hoping with still a few months to go until the U.S. elections, we’ll see a few more.


Lexus Russia has used has used cinematic_alex‘s AudioJungle item, “Power Sport” to advertise the Lexus NX which recently won the “Breakthrough of the Year” prize, awarded by one of Russia’s automotive media organizations.

This commercial is absolutely bursting with energy, largely due to cinematic_alex’s fantastic track. So, well done. And, great work having one of your items be used by one of the most respected car companies in the world!


Kickboxer Vengeance | official trailer (2016) Jean-Claude Van Damme Dave Bautista

The Kickboxer series is being rebooted starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and David Bautista.

It tells the story of Kurt Sloane, a martial artist who wants to avenge the death of his brother – winner of the Karate World Championship – who died in the ring.

The film seems pretty eagerly anticipated with the trailer having received over 300 thousand views on YouTube. And that’s great news for darkchocolatemusic, whose “Uplifting Rap” is featured in the video.

The film is due to be released in September, 2016.

Meet the Blacks Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Mike Epps, George Lopez Movie HD

And in other movie news, a new comedy film is using an Envato item on its website.

Meet The Blacks is a black comedy about an African-American family who moves into Beverly Hills on the night of a “purge”, where people around the neighbourhood can commit whatever crimes they want for twelve hours.

It’s a pretty crazy plot, but it still manages to seem pretty funny, and features performances from Mike Epps, George Lopez and Mike Tyson.

And the trailer alone has been very popular with over 4 million views on YouTube.

Which is good news for TheMOLITOR, whose ThemeForest item, “The Producer” is powering the movie’s website.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.55.13 PM

Nike — We Run London

And finally today one of Envato’s items has been used in this short video that takes you through the making of the invitation to the Nike Women’s Race which happened last year in London.

It’s an incredibly beautiful montage taking you through Nike’s brief, How Exposure (the agency behind this project) came up with the concept, and the truly stunning final result.

Leon_Felekyan‘s beautiful AudioJungle track, “Positive Commercial Strings” plays beneath this video, and it’s just a perfect fit.

And that’s this week’s Envato Famous Five!

If you have an item that’s popped up somewhere famous, post it in our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread

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