Become an Envato Leader.

Creating valuable and accessible ways to interact collaborate and learn with fellow authors in your local region.

Perks & Incentives

Becoming a Leader and starting an Envato Local Community opens up lots of opportunities.


Feature Article & Exclusive Interview
on the Author Hub.

Community Leader Badge

A brand spanking new Community Leader Badge applied to your profile and community.

Exclusive Leaders Network

A closed group, where leaders in various regions around the world can connect!

Community Swag

Your own Community Leader T-Shirt for events, like Meetups or Envato Worldwide.

Event Opportunities

Invitation to future Envato Worldwide events and opportunities to present.


Access to Envato Resources

Chat with Envato staff and receive event support via engagement toolkits and templates.

Envato Local.

Envato Local is a program designed to support passionate authors to lead and connect with their local communities, both online and offline (IRL), wherever they are in the world.

We believe that by focusing on both local and global perspectives, there are more ways to learn, engage and grow as authors.

What makes a Local Leader.

Local Leaders are members of the Envato community who volunteer their time to build the author community in their local area, with the support of Envato HQ.

They are recognised as advocates and top influencers within their field, which means that they are great communicators, community-driven and contribute to building an inclusive and respectful environment for their peers.

The online community.

Online spaces provide opportunities to genuinely connect with more people closer to where you are, in more ways than just occasional conversations here and there. Local Leaders help to manage and lead these online spaces and support its members.

Welcome New Members

Help introduce new authors to the community through a welcome post.

Engage in Daily Dialogue

Have insightful discussions, share ideas and collaborate on your terms.

Create Localised Resources

Develop articles, posts or insights based on your local region or in your local language.

Event Opportunities

Invitation to future Envato Worldwide events and opportunities to present in a helpful, accessible and respectful way.

Nothing better than actually talking to someone for a change.​

In-person events and offline experiences provide opportunities for authors to come together and help each other succeed in the Envato ecosystem and beyond.

Meetups & Events

Run regular, well-executed events/meetups in your local city.

Create Localised Resources

Develop articles or resources in your local language or source local speakers to support your events.

Meet Authors IRL

Meet and connect with authors who you have connected with or admired within the Envato ecosystem.

Choose Your Topics & Activities

Design your events to suit the interests and discussion topics of your community with support from Envato.

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