Envato Master Classes: A webinar series featuring some of our brightest authors.


Hey Folks!

You might recall that a while ago I came to you to get your ideas on an Envato Webinar series that would be run by some of Envato’s best and brightest. Well I’m all kinds of excited to announce that the idea has become a reality. These Webinars will run for 45 minutes each and be broadcast as a live stream! At the end of each Webinar there will be some time for Q&A, so make sure you come in with your questions prepped and ready.

Without further fuss or ado, I present to you our first ever lineup.

Standing Out in the Online Market: A five-part webinar series for radical creatives and digital entrepreneurs. 

Are you ready to meet our first three masters?

Themeco’s Kyle Wakefield:
The #1 Driver of Growth for Digital Entrepreneurs: Why customer service is the most important aspect to your product.
Date: September 30th.
Time: 8.30am (AUS)
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Envato Studio’s Emily Shore: 
Choose Your Words Carefully: What Your Copy Says About You.
Date: Friday 2nd of October
Time: 9pm (AUS)
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VideoHive’s Felt Tips:
Creative Strategies in Motion Graphic Design: How to do things differently in a crowded marketplace.
Date: October 9th
Time: 6pm (AUS)
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Stay tuned, because in just a matter of days we’ll be announcing two more all-stars to this incredible lineup.

So will you be joining us? Any thoughts on just who our final two masters might be…?

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