Envato Worldwide | Reimagined Online in 2020

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

As this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the way we work, learn and live, it has also deepened our need for connection and what it means to come together as a global community

The world as we know it is changing. With the profound impact on the health and well-being of millions of people around the world, we have needed to reimagine how we experience our daily lives, rituals and activities through the lens of isolation and digital platforms. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.

The need to respond quickly and adapt to these challenges has brought to light the importance of community in times of hardship. Whilst it has been a difficult time for many, it has been amazing to see the new ideas, the daily acts of kindness, the collaboration and the power of human creativity that has developed in response to the crisis.

This is exactly what we set out to do with our very first Envato Worldwide online experience. Even though we wish we could’ve been there in-person, we wanted to take this opportunity to create an accessible space for authors to learn, connect and take away important knowledge and inspiration during this time. 

Highlights: A Run-down of the Online Conference & Presentations.

On the 22nd of April 2020, we hosted our live online conference, with a special focus on India and Bangladesh authors (as we had planned on visiting them this year) coordinated by our Envato Worldwide Event’s Manager, Louise Miniken and Envato Worldwide Host, James Giroux. 

With over 1300 registrations, nearly 800 attendees at the live event and 3,622 comments in the chat log, this was an amazing time to come together, engage in great conversations and say hello to authors from all around the world. Shout out to our top attendee hotspots – Bangladesh, India and Ukraine!

Here, we’ve put together a snapshot of the Envato Worldwide Online Conference, with videos of all the Envato staff presentations, ThemeFusion’s author presentation, our Fireside Chat with Collis Ta’eed, the Q&A Ask Envato Anything Session and quotes from you – our author community!

Envato’s Update on the Current Environment by Cameron Gough, General Manager of Content.

“Useful information about the future of the marketplace and we actually got some really useful info where things will go, what is popular. Cameron, Andrew and Sunni were top notch – a lot of really useful information. Thank you.”

In his presentation, Cameron presented an update on how the current environment is impacting Envato and the broader market, including some insights into opportunities to look out for, including content incentives for Twenty20 and Template Kits, and the introduction of new content types – Figma / XD / Sketch, illustrations and more!

Understanding Our Customers and Their Needs by Sunni Cooper, Digital Producer. 

“It gave me more insight on what I was missing on my Envato portfolios and how I could boost my sales, while keeping my customers happy. I will be working on that in the coming days.”

In her presentation, Sunni shared a breakdown of our customer personas to help authors understand who is buying their items and shared some of the ways we’re improving Market to enhance the customer experience.

This looks into the three customer profiles and recommendations to best optimize your portfolio to meet their needs, as well as insights into recent work on search filters, default sort, category pages, item cards and more to help increase customer conversion!

Selling with Envato in 2020 by James Giroux, Author Engagement Lead. 

“We think that the 5-Step Strategy for Selling Well on Envato is more useful for us because we have identified our negative features and developed a roadmap to eliminate these negatives.”

In his presentation, James shared his 5-step strategy for selling well on Envato in 2020 and beyond, challenging authors to try out his tips by participating in a 30-day challenge. Will you be joining? 

Here, he looks at the importance of building an engaged audience and providing value to create demand for your brand, and some top learnings to help you get there!  

Web and Code Trends by Andrew Hobson, Content Insights Specialist. 

“I really liked the presentation on Theme and Code Trends by Andrew Hobson. It really provided me with insights on exactly what customers are looking for.”

In his presentation, Andrew covered the popular search trends and insights for both ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. For example, did you know that 80% of searches are related to industries, technologies and features?

Here, he takes a deep dive into the various searches related to these three categories, as well as other in-demand areas in web and code, such as the Gig Economy, eSports, Media Streaming, Social Media and more!

Creative Trends in 2020 by Gabi Braga, Senior UX Designer.

“My favorite presentations were How to Sell Well, Creative Trends and Understanding Customers Needs – I cannot choose between them because all of them are very important and were presented very well.”

In her presentation, Gabi talked about how authors can access the latest opportunities and inspiration for their work in 2020, utilizing insights from the 2020 Creative Trends guide and customer search requests. 

This looks at 9,000 customer requests from the past six months as well as top trend predictions, based on customer demand and industry observations across our content types. Did you predict the rise of vertical video, illustrations, authenticity and people-power or fluid animation? 

Gabi’s presentation reveals top insights into the Creative Trends Guide 2020 released earlier this year and the top search requests from customers – revealing the powerful space that exists in between industry demand, customer demand and under-served areas on Market and Elements. 

The question is, how can your uniqueness also match commercial demand?

Behind the Scenes at ThemeFusion by Markus Schwingenschlögl, CTO at ThemeFusion.

“ThemeFusion’s presentation was awesome, they are great example of hard work and being a pro!”

In his presentation, Markus shared an in-depth look into ThemeFusion’s typical day, exploring their history and milestones, recommendations for success and key insights into how they operate as a global team. Learn from the makers of the best selling theme of all time – Avada.

You can also check out the interview with ThemeFusion and learn more about their rise to $25 Million in item sales in an earlier blog post – Reaching the Top.

Q&A Fireside Chat with Collis Ta’eed, CEO and Rohan Chandler, Author Management Director.

“My favorite presentation was from Collis because for the first time I could put a face on the CEO and also because it was very interesting hearing his perspective on different subjects, especially the future stuff.”

This session was an opportunity for authors to hear Rohan and Collis discuss some of the journey leading to where Envato is today, and the trends and opportunities that are currently being seen in the industry.

Envato’s Roadmap for Authors by James Giroux, Author Engagement Lead.

“In this presentation, I got to know about the current trends and the roadmap for authors. I would like Envato to support new authors and new products, so it will encourage them to continue working for Envato.”

In his presentation, James covered how we’re helping authors earn more, how we’re making the platform better and how we’re sharing customer insights with authors. 

This looks into the introduction of new item types, a simplified Elite Rewards system, the Content Bonus, Category Seeding opportunities, the exciting new Author Dashboard, Author ID Checks, sharing customer search trends and more!

Q&A – Ask Envato Anything

In the final session of the day, James, Cameron and Rohan take on the important author questions provided during the Envato Worldwide Online Conference!

Looking Ahead in 2020.

For those who joined online on the day or watched the replay, thank you for having faith in us as we moved to a new way of hosting our conference. We hope that you enjoyed the experience and found value in the content, conversations or simply – just being together.

For us, it’s been a special opportunity to connect with our author community and learn more about your needs, concerns and ideas for the future, at a time when we need it the most.

Here are some key takeaways from the online conference, overall:

“I thought it was clear that Envato cares deeply about its authors and customers. I think a significant truth that came out was the importance of building relationships, rather than trying to make a sale. Another great point is the importance of creating everyday.”

“I feel motivated with creative thoughts, how the team moves and what the Envato Elements is for. I understand many aspects of this platform which I was not aware about earlier.”

“Insights will definitely help me to grow and develop my portfolio as I plan to be a successful author on Envato market. Especially in this hard time, authors need some inspiration and hope from the CEO and Envato staff to go on with creating new products.”

From the excited hello’s and introductions at the beginning, to the goodbyes at the end, we felt the strength and energy that comes from community and connecting with one another. We think these quotes capture the core mission of our events – to always motivate, inspire and care for all our authors, wherever they are in the world, in the best and challenging of times. 

We’re committed to continue supporting your journey, doing what you love and empowering you to succeed, while navigating the changing and sometimes, unpredictable future as a global community

We’re excited to be creating more valuable conference experiences in the future, whether that’s online, in-person or both, so watch this space!

If you’d like to continue the conversation, review some of the commentary from the event or see some additional resources, you can also check out the latest post on the Envato Worldwide Online Conference thread in the forums now. 

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