EuroTour 2018 is Coming!

This June, we’re sending a number of Envatians on the long journey from Australia to Europe for EuroTour 2018!

Last year we participated in EuroTour, a series of meetups across Europe that gathered Envato staff and the author community together. During these meetups, our participants shared stories, strategies, industry insights and established strong personal connections with others involved (all while enjoying delicious food and drinks – or two!). The feedback we received from the community was resoundingly positive, so here we are, ready to do it again!

How will we do this?

We know that amazing things happen when people show up for each other and come together. EuroTour is a special opportunity to spark some big movements, give rise to great ideas, inspire your future work as a leader in the industry – and even develop lifelong friendships or collaborations!

This year, we’ve got a few cities in mind that we’d like to visit. We’re looking for authors who would be willing to host a EuroTour meetup and help us plan a great day for local authors.

Now, why should YOU become a host?

Hosts play a powerful role in gathering like-minded people together to learn, share and connect on all things author. Likewise, meetups are an important resource for you and your development because they provide the space to connect with all the latest insights from the community and industry. Additionally, getting involved in EuroTour includes:

  • Meeting face-to-face with Envato Staff.
  • Hearing the latest news, announcements and insights from Envato HQ.
  • Establishing personal and professional connections.
  • Exploring current insights, trends and industry news.
  • Learning from others (especially for authors working independently or alone for most of their time).
  • Asking questions in a safe and convenient space.
  • Sharing challenges, feedback and helpful resources.

Read more about these top tips in the article: Why Meetups Matter | Building an Offline Community Culture

You can also hear from our past EuroTour Hosts!

Check out some of the testimonials from our 2017 EuroTour Meetup Hosts:

“The meetup was simple, casual and cozy. Due to the like-minded attendees, the topics of discussion quickly turned toward envato, its marketplaces and the future of the industry and us, the authors. it was agreed upon that authors have been and should continue to support one another, specially interconnecting marketplaces; tips were thrown about patience and taking the appropriate time to get into the marketplaces, not to expect sells immediately but rather to build a portfolio by studying your potential clients’ demands, testing new-grounds and seeing whether this or that item sells, and why, etc.”

– Chris (a.k.a crozer) | Host: Berlin Eurotour Meetup 2017.

“We thoroughly enjoyed hosting the meetup! Organising it was a breeze as we basically just booked a table at a venue and showed up. Ben and James from Envato were very friendly and helped steering our conversation to interesting and insightful areas. Although not many authors could join us here in Stockholm, Sweden, we were never short of stock market issues to discuss, practical as well as philosophical questions to ponder. We were also let in on some of the new projects Envato is currently engaged in, which sounded very promising and potentially valuable for us in a long term strategic sense. There was also some time spent delving into random topics of life, for example pancake recipes, pans and spatulas. After a few hours of eating, drinking and talking we felt our engagement and commitment had reached new levels and we returned home with fresh inspiration of things to come.

We find it’s a really nice gesture from Envato to reach out to us authors, travelling around the world nonetheless, and sharing their enthusiasm for the business and the community we’ve grown to love. We were enthusiastic to share our experiences from working with stock, and felt comfort in knowing we were listened to. Apart from the communicational and informational side of things, it’s also always nice to add a social dimension to working with stock, which in our case, for the most time, is spent behind a big computer screen in a small soundproof room. All in all, we were very happy to host the meetup and if ever the opportunity presents itself again, we’ll be ready!” 

– Oscar & Marie (a.k.a Stockwaves) | Host: Stockholm Eurotour Meetup 2017.

Now, here’s where we’re planning to be:

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Bucharest, Romania

If you wish to host one of the Meetups in the cities listed above, you should;

  1. Read the Envato Meetup Community Guidelines.
  2. Read this handy article on hosting a Meetup.
  3. Submit your Meetup host application by completing this form.

Hosting a EuroTour meetup is a huge opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and peers, gain and share experiences and lay the foundation for future collaborations. Plus, you’ll get all the support and tools you need to host an awesome meetup from the Author Engagement team at Envato.

Even if you’re not in one of the cities listed above, you can still host a meetup in your local city at any time!

Here’s what you need to do to host your own Meetup.

If you have any questions or want to continue the conversation on all things EuroTour, jump over to the forums announcement and connect with your fellow author community.

Hope to see you all there!

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