What is Envato’s Most Wanted?

Envato’s Most Wanted is an ongoing series of events and competitions we run on Envato Market, where we give authors the opportunity to win extra cash and prizes for creating awesome digital content that is in high demand on the marketplace.

So far we’ve held close to 100 Most Wanted events, and this year alone our community of talented authors have shared in over $1.5 million in total prizes and earnings from the items they created, with more in the making every day!

How does it work?

When we launch a new event, we’ll post a Most Wanted announcement on Market Blog and in the community forums explaining what kind of items we’re looking for, as well as how and where to submit them.

The event might include a race to see who can submit quality content the fastest based on specific criteria, or an overall “Best Item” contest with a massive grand prize voted on by the community or a select panel of judges.

Prizes almost always include some kind of cash reward, but could also include a coveted Featured File spot on the homepage, extra exposure on the Envato Market site and social media, promotional and partnered giveaways, and of course a shiny new marketplace badge!


Authors who submit and have an item approved on the marketplace that meets all our criteria have a chance to win.  Too easy!

Who is it for?

Everyone! From website themes, to graphics, to music, to video templates, to scripts and plugins, we hold Most Wanted events across many different categories and types of items, depending on what we need most at any particular time.

Our Most Wanted events are open to all Envato Market authors, big and small, old and new. New contributors are always welcome, so all you have to do is sign up and submit your item!

We trust in our authors’ diversity, expertise, passion, and creativity to bring fresh and unique ideas to the table and help us push these new categories and innovative trends forward.

For our “Vocals & Lyrics” Most Wanted contest, authors PinkZebra andBenjiJackson decided to team up on their very first collaborative track together called Larger Than Life.

Composed and produced masterfully by PinkZebra and featuring BenjiJackson’s stunning vocals, the song went on to win 1st Place and take home a cool $1,000 prize plus a featured spot on the homepage.

What’s more, since then Larger Than Life has gone on to sell over 1,300+ times, and the duo continue to collaborate very successfully, having produced virtually a full album’s worth of hit material.  Talk about a real winning outcome.

Why do we do it?

Helping people earn online is a core part of Envato’s mission, and the Most Wanted events are just another small way we do so. We love engaging with authors and working closely with our community to make Envato Market the best place possible to find everything you could need to bring a creative project to life.

In addition to being able to give back to our talented community, these events help us continue to grow the marketplace, fill new and trending categories with quality content and keep up with the phenomenal demand for innovative creative material.

Here at Envato, we’re always keeping an eye on popular products and new technologies, as well as hot industry trends, internal traffic stats, and overall market demand. Whether it be for a brand new platform in need of themes, a new tool or application for creating digital media, or the next big thing on the web, a lot of thought and planning goes into choosing our next Most Wanted events. Not only can you win big, but getting involved is one of the best ways to keep your portfolio on-trend and ahead of the curve!

While sharing tips on how to build your business at Envato Live, Elite author and Most Wanted winner Jake Caputo (DesignCrumbs) points out that while winning some extra money here is great, the real prize is the fact that “you’re going to make sales on these [items] too. The Most Wanted that they do are [for] items that are going to be selling well, and that people are searching for.” Spot on, Jake!

Where can I get involved?

To stay in the loop and take part in these great opportunities to earn and win, keep an eye on our Most Wanted page on our blog, and be sure to subscribe to our Most Wanted newsletter for the latest on current contests and events.

Right now we have nine active Most Wanted events with a total of nearly $80,000 up for grabs, and more on the way!

Occasionally we also approach designers and developers with paid opportunities to create specific content for new and popular categories within the marketplace.  If you are available and interested in these types of opportunities, we’d love to hear from you.

Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

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