#GetGutenbergReady Contest Winners!

A few months go, we asked authors to provide us with their best themes and plugins optimized for Gutenberg!

We’ve now reviewed all the entries and selected winners who have created some absolutely amazing items, which showcase the diverse functionality that the new editor provides.

… drumroll please ???

1st Prize: Plugin

Author: Zemez | Jetguten – Blocks Set Addon for Gutenberg Editor

1st Prize: Theme

Author: ThemeBeans | Forte – A Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Writers and Bloggers

2nd Prize: Plugin

Author: ThemeFuzz | IconPress Pro – Icon Management for WordPress

2nd Prize: Theme

Author: Burnhambox | Robin – Cute & Colorful Blog Theme

3rd Prize: Plugin

Author: MajesticJungle | Planet Charts – A Chart Block Type for the Gutenberg Editor

3rd Prize: Theme

Author: dedalx | Florian – WordPress Blog Theme Enhanced for Gutenberg

Big thanks to all the authors who got involved and nominated items for the Gutenberg contest – we can’t wait to see what you publish next!

There are lots of resources out there to help authors optimize their items for Gutenberg. We would strongly encourage you to check out our #GetGutenbergReady Series on the blog, which explores what Gutenberg means for WordPress Developers, and what tools and resources are available.

Did you win? Tweet the good news below or congratulate your fellow authors via the forums thread here!

Envato’s #GetGutenbergReady Contest Winners Announced!

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Featured Author: Meet FortySixandTwo