Graphic Demand Trends

Our Content Insights team have put together the top graphic demand trends across Market & Elements. Get to know what customers are looking for now and beyond, so you know what to create next!

  1. Industry Wide Trends
  2. How Do People Search Our Sites?
  3. What Content Is In Demand?
  4. Interesting Demand Trends
  5. Key Opportunities

Industry Wide Trends


Every year, various decades are said to be back in vogue or making a comeback.

This year, the industry is continuing to see demand for content inspired by the 1980s and the 1920s (and broader Art-Deco themes).


Neon has been the most consistent trend across most types of stock media.


Searches for ‘environment’, ‘recycle’ and ‘sustainable’ are rapidly increasing in demand.


Searches for the term ‘protest’ have grown by +80% across both photos and graphics.


Inclusivity across a range of genders, bodies, orientation and race.

How do People Search on our Sites?

80% of searches are related to:

  • Technologies
  • Specific productions
  • Industries
  • Subjects

Top Tip: Make sure your tags adequately describe your items features, industry and technology so customers can better find your items!

What Content is in Demand?


  • Education
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Health & Medical
  • Weddings
  • Real Estate & Construction

Top Tip: While the top industries can be broad, research specific niches / trends within them that may be gaining popularity. For example, e-learning has been gaining popularity within the education industry.


  • Business card
  • Logo
  • Flyer
  • Brochure
  • Resume

Top Tip: On Elements, we are seeing some items performing well that combine two or three of these products as one item with a consistent design.


  • Photoshop Action
  • Instagram
  • Indesign
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Top Tip: Customers are often looking for social media templates across multiple social media platforms. Ensure you have consistent theming across templates or include multiple templates in one item.

Interesting Demand Trends

“Covid-19 lockdown leads to 24% increase in Twitch viewership.”
  • Live Streaming content continues to rise. Twitch is trending and more specifically, Twitch Overlay templates are in-demand.
  • Customers are searching for more Procreate Brushes to add to their collection. Procreate is one of our highest trending terms in the ‘graphics-addons’ category!
  • Imagery relating to space is in-demand. Fast growing terms include: ‘Outer Space’, ‘Galaxy’, ‘Astronaut’, ‘Milky Way’, ‘Planet’.
  • Nature is in-demand with fast growing terms including: ‘Iceberg’, ‘Hurricane’, ‘Lightning’.
  • Sustainability is in-demand with fast growing terms including: ‘Sustainability’, ‘Sustainable Energy’, ‘Climate’, ‘Sustainable’, ‘Climate Change’.

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Hot Opportunities

Graphic Templates & Graphics

The biggest opportunities align with seasonal events for example, ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Back to School’ but we can also see some demand for ‘year round’ content and emerging trends.

It’s important to do some research on key seasonal events and holidays around the world and ensure you have content for the most popular periods.


We see opportunities that aren’t based on the latin alphabet, with terms such as ‘Arabic’, ‘Japan’ and ‘Cyrillic’ trending. There are also opportunities around specific styles such as ‘Neon’, ‘Graffiti’ and ‘Glitch’.

Presentation Templates

Searches for ‘3d Infographic’ is trending and in demand!

Graphic Add Ons

Procreate (brushes) represents the biggest opportunity based on current demand trends, alongside terms such as ‘Photo Effect’ and ‘Sketch Effect’ likely relating to the very popular Photoshop actions.

That’s it for our top graphics trends and insights, happy creating!

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