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Explore the latest graphic trends below for examples of great print templates featured in the marketplace. These include modern flyer templates, hand-drawn typefaces, minimalist stationery sets and more!

Additionally, check out the best practice guidelines for graphic items using this handy link here on the Help Center.

A modern, geometric flyer template suitable for many businesses and organizations to use across various promotional events.

Music Event Poster

This hand-lettered typeface reflects current vintage-inspired trends in design. 

Flycatcher Font

This stationary package suits many minimalistic businesses and organizations using few colors and simple designs.


This simple flyer utilizes modern illustrations to create an eye-catching food-themed poster for promotional or marketing materials. 

Street Food festival

This calendar features 12 unique and beautiful designs that are modern and colorful.

2018 Calendar

This is a timely and well-designed poster to cater for upcoming celebrations. Check out this article here for more information on preparing your items for busy festival seasons/holidays. 

Easter Egg Hunt

This is a simple and neutral stationery set that would suit many modern businesses and organizations.

Willemsdorp Stationery Set

A beautiful abstract flyer that stands out from the crowd and offers customers a unique design.

Creative Abstract Flyer Template

This business card template offers customers a strong visual impact for their business stationery.

Botany Business Card Template

This is a very multipurpose template suitable for many kinds of customer projects, such as a look book, magazine, photobook or portfolio.

Inspiration Catalog

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