Green inspired content to kick off the new year

Greenery is the official Pantone color for 2017 so to celebrate we invited our community members to share their favorite content across the entire ecosystem based on the color green.

Symbolizing nature and calmness, what better way to be inspired in the new year that through the “new beginning” of the color green!

BeTheme by muffingroup

BeThemeRecommended by ArkAudio

Cat Watching Birds by 

Recommended by GraphicExpert

Green Brain by 

Green Brain
Recommended by PROFIVE

Spring Feeling by 

Spring Feeling
Recommended by Smartik

Photo Gallery in a Sunny Garden by neoapatch

Recommended by neoapatch

Game Map Generator by Orange_Box

Game Map Generator

Game Map Generator
Recommended by devotchkah

GreenLife – Gardening and Landscaping HTML5 Template by RadiusTheme

GreenLife TemplateRecommended by surjithctly

Annual Report by mondoo

Annual Report
Recommended by mondoo

Leaf Fork Logo by vastard

Lead Fork Logo
Recommended by 

Watercolor Foliage Collection by Designloverstudio

Watercolor Foliage Collection


View more entries and add your favorites too in our official forum thread!

Best New Year Graphics, Videos, and Music
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Best New Year Graphics, Videos, and Music