HoneyLoud’s 5 Point Recipe to Write Music on Trend

AudioJungle team, Lilla & Gergő  a.k.a – HoneyLoud explore how to research great ideas, stay up to date with all the latest music trends and how to source inspiration to fuel your work every day.


In the past, we had two very different ways of living. I was a sociologist in an office and Gergő was touring with his band in 14 countries. We decided to connect our two professions because, without common goals, it’s hard to be a family. So we wanted to find a way to create something together.

I started to discover the world of commercial music and began my research to explore what would be the best way to compose music on trend. Followed by my advice, Gergő also started to compose. The last step was to find the best platform where we can make money, so I started to analyze the suitable websites for this goal. Soon, I found Envato market and we decided to create an account. Now we are working together, Gergő as a Composer, myself – as a Trend Researcher.

Here are our top tips for authors to create music on trend based on our research and experiences in the industry!

Follow the Trendsetters Globally.

This is easy to do and you can browse lots of lists of all the latest trending songs and annual music reports. Various companies publish statistics about the latest most streamed, listened, viewed music – including Shazam, YouTube and Spotify. Explore their music by taking a pencil and summarizing the common pieces of each list. At the end, you will get your own list of global trendsetters!

Make sure to also keep up with Industry reports and trends published by various organizations. You can check out the Global Music Report from 2017 here.

Follow Musical Genre Consumption!

It’s a good idea to follow top authors in AudioJungle while you are composing, but you must take into consideration, that they had their own way to success, and the market shows that the key of the success is not always to create the same content as the top author did.

For example, there are many corporate songs in the popular files, but it is very difficult to get trending content in this genre because authors upload many corporate songs daily.  You can always find data which is useful when you decide the genre before composing. Use the Jungle!

You can create statistics about items uploaded recently by:

  1. Accessing AudioJungle’s main page
  2. Clicking on ‘All new items’ thread
  3. Selecting ‘Music’ from categories
  4. Then Sort by: Newest Items | Added: In the last day, In the last week, In the Last Month.

It is Fun! Try making a data table about uploaded music distribution, it can help you to decide which genre you want to compose. See our example below:

Distribution (3/16/2018)
GENRE Last Day GENRE Last Week GENRE Last Month
Cinematic 91 Corporate 585 Corporate 2358
Corporate 78 Cinematic 550 Cinematic 2205
Ambient 47 Ambient 271 Ambient 1100
Electronica 32 Folk Acoustic 186 Electronica 710
Folk Acoustic 29 Electronica 172 Rock 673
Hip-Hop 19 Rock 154 Folk Acoustic 658
Pop 16 Pop 113 Pop 431
Rock 16 Hip-Hop 105 Hip-Hop 413
House 12 Children’s 69 Percussion 275
Children’s 9 Percussion 60 Children’s 263
Experimental/Abst. 9 Experimental/Abst. 54 Experimental Abst. 221
Jazz 8 House 54 House 212
Funk Groove 7 Funk Groove 40 World Beat 152
Percussion 6 World Beat 38 Funk Groove 150
World Beat 6 Jazz 36 Jazz 128
Drum Bass Breakbit 3 Classical 21 Classical 117
Soul R&B 3 Drum Bass Breakbit 19 Drum Bass Breakbit 114
Classical 1 Soul R&B 17 Soul R&B 54
Country Western 1 Country Western 10 Country Western 40
Miscellaneous 1 Holiday Seasonal 3 Miscellaneous 10
Miscellaneous 2 Vocals Voice 9
Vocals Voice 2 Holiday Seasonal 8
All Categories/ Music 394 All Categories/ Music 2561 All Categories/ Music 10301

Be Up to Date With Commercials.

Don’t turn off the TV when you watch your favorite movie or show and the commercial break comes on – this also applies with YouTube ads! For us, these ads can be one of the main manuals to guide us to compose music that is on trend. Pay attention to their length, style and try to compose something similar with characteristics based on your observations.

Uplifting Advertising Indie Pop Vocals | HoneyLoud

Indie Is the Magic Powder!

Sometimes it’s nice to add some indie to your music. Indie is the magic powder you can draw from when you are out of ideas. Indie is one of the coolest music styles right now – the best example is Imagine Dragons, which are leading many top lists worldwide.

Another musician is James Bay! He released his first single in 2014 and now he has 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Uplifting Indie Folk | HoneyLoud

Inspirational Indie Folk Vocals | HoneyLoud

Add Your Personality – always.

Your personality is the most important ingredient of all! This is what makes your music – your own, unique sound. Without this secret ingredient, your music is only a clone of someone else’s creativity. So, make sure not to be afraid to be yourself when composing.

You can check out HoneyLoud’s portfolio here. If you have any questions, want to continue the conversation, jump over to the forums and say hello!

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