How to make a movie intro inspired by Marvel

When I saw this movie intro template for the first time I was blown away.

It was immediately clear to me what had inspired the item – I had seen Captain America: Civil War a few months before – and I was baffled at how precisely it had mimicked the closing credits of that film. It’s perfect, almost to a fault.

In an interview with VideoHive author 3Ddym who designed this Element 3D template, I found out a little more about what inspired the item (as if I needed to ask), how difficult it was to create, and how he sees it being used.

“As a die-hard Marvel fan I wanted to incorporate certain elements related to Marvel such as guns, bullets, a shield and arrows,” he tells me.

All the text in this template is completely editable – a standard aspect of these types of templates – but the animation of the guns and the intricacies of the way they work seem like they would’ve been a huge challenge to create. “There was a lot of hard work put into creating this project in order to make the elements and movements as realistic as possible,” he says. “I did a lot of research on how muzzle glows work – the reddish glow visible before the gun leaves the barrel, the formation of how the barrels work when the gun is shot, and the speed, positioning and formation of bullets after the guns are shot.”

All of that including texturing, mapping and lighting were the most difficult parts to animate, according to the author. So with all that work, who is this item for and how does 3Ddym see it being used?

“Marvel can use it for their next superhero movie,” he jokes. “It’s ideal for a title or closing sequence of a movie, but you can also use it for a TV/movie trailer. Plus, you can omit the text and use the visuals for whatever projects you want.”

An interesting story behind an item you might want to use in your next project.

3Ddym’s “Civil War” is available now on VideoHive

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