Inside UX – Spamming For Good

Another survey? Really? Is there someone listening or am I talking to a bot? 

Are these the kinds of questions you have asked yourself before?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mel and I am one of the User Experience Designers working for you at Envato. I work with Gabi, also one of the User Experience Designers in the team who you may have already seen around the Envato Forums.

I am here today to tell you more about what we’ve been working on and what we are planning for you.. and we have heaps of plans!

UX Research Mapping

If like me, the majority of your emails are from newsletter subscriptions (half of which you don’t even remember signing up to), it can be hard to notice the emails that are really important amongst the endless spam. You may feel overwhelmed looking at your inbox at times and perhaps you almost missed this post because you’ve already filtered all the subscriptions into a folder (I don’t blame you!).

On top of all of this, we (the UX team) are not making it any easier! You may have noticed an influx of feedback requests popping up all over the place! You’re in the middle of uploading an item and then “Hello! Can I interrupt? Oops, already interrupted. Can we have some feedback on your experience?..”

We really get it. It might not be what you want to do in that particular moment.

At the moment, Gabi and I are working on getting an overall sense of what’s working well and what’s a bit more frustrating in your experience as an author, so we can support the teams to make improvements in the areas that need it most.

However, have you ever heard of spamming for a greater good? (You probably haven’t as I just made it up), but I want to tell you why these pop-ups are important and how you can see these as good spam.

Business still life concept by adam121

We’ve created a series of pop-up feedback requests in different areas of the platform, so we can understand what to dive further into. This may mean asking some of you to participate in an interview where we may watch you upload an item or this may be all about how we can make one of our reports a bit more user-friendly.

Whatever it is, this is your opportunity to tell us why something is good or bad – as an author, you have the power to help influence this change for the better.

We want to further understand your needs so that we can work with the teams on the improvements that really matter and that will move the needle for you.  

So, although right now, it may be annoying – I promise that as the responses build up, the pop-ups will slow down and the only spam you will need to worry about, is the one in your sandwich! So if you see one of those pop-ups on a screen, take a minute to tell us what your experience has been.

Are you wondering what’s coming up next?

We will be sharing our upcoming plans in our new monthly series – Inside UX, keeping you updated with all the latest work we are doing and planning to do based on your important feedback. Keep an eye out next month!

Keen to help but not sure how? Volunteer to be one of our beta users and we will get in touch as soon as there are more research opportunities!

Just click here and drop your name.

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