International Flag of Planet Earth Redesign Winner!

We invited the Envato Market creative community to redesign the International Flag of Planet Earth by Oskar Pernefeldt and here’s our winner!

We received over 100 entries in our latest creative community contest and it was no mean feat to select the winner! We had entries from all around the world that were well thought out, beautifully designed, and some that simply made us laugh (as intended).

As well as announcing our winner we’ll share some of our favorite highlights from the contest. Sincere thanks to everyone who participated!

Winning Entry

Many congratulations to RebornStudio who designed the following entry! RebornStudio wins an Envato T-shirt and the coveted “Won a Contest” community badge. Very well done, RebornStudio, we’ll be in touch soon about your prizes!


“I agree with Oskar Pernefeldt that the basis for the symbol of the planet should be the golden section. Also, my work has influenced the concept of the  Flower of Life.”

 Some of Our Favorite Entries


“Hello, we humans have finally touched your planet. We live in five continents of our planet. Our hands are functionally more developed than any other species’ on Earth, so we use it to work and communicate since millennia ago. We’ll leave our fingerprints on your planet and if we don’t like you, we’ll also use it to smack you.”



“Yellow background – Sun. Green round – Nature. Blue round – Earth with water, obviously. 7 corners star – 7 continents.”





“Concept is : spiral + Fibonacci number + leaves + star + Structure of atom ( nucleus form ) + recycling + peace sign + home.”

“8 leaves that turn around (here number 8 represents infinity) symbolize recycling and restoration (the Earth is able to restore and recycle different materials). Everything on our planet is naturally consistent and balanced (The spiral in the logo is twisted at 137.51° angle which is known as the golden angle). Since everything consists of atoms, the logo has the shape of atomic nucleus. The Earth is our home where we all long for peace; peace which shoud be treasured as well as our planet.”











“The blue dot is us, and the gray dot (aka 9th planet) is there because alien life would probably be all like, “Pluto is definitely a planet yo”.”


“Symbol. We are different! we live in different countries. We speak different languages. Sometimes we fight! Sometimes we do not understand each other. But when we smile, it’s clear to anyone. Smile is an international, intergalactic symbol! Smiling means understanding, unity, and desire to be together. If you meet an alien, you can not understand their language, but you can smile at him)”

“Colors. Black and white. Of course we call our planet – the blue planet. But there are people among us do not distinguish colors. Perhaps aliens from other galaxies too, there are problems in the perception of colors) Black – an endless universe, white – it’s white teeth that we see when we smile. White – it is the light, life, smile – is the most valuable thing on the planet!”


“The blue represent water, the inner blue-cyan represent our atmosphere and all everything inside the circles are the wide varieties of living things on Earth and the circles resembles how we are interconnected.”










“Such we are know to live on planet earth we need some base resources that are sun, air, earth and water and that was my concept. And then end in this concept birds represent life on planet earth.”


“Simple, yet describes earth Big white circle is the earth the reason it’s completely white because its full of life. The small circle orbiting earth is the moon and it’s outlined because it’s lifeless.”



The Ones That Made Us Smile




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