Introducing Elements Content Challenge – Making Use of Search Data

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new initiative called the Content Challenge.

We want to provide you with customer insights that will help fuel inspiration using, for the first time, search trends data unique to Envato.

The Content Challenge is more than just access to the highly prized search trends of Envato, it’s an opportunity to earn a little extra too. Each Content Challenge has a few cash prizes that participants will be eligible to win.

This first Content Challenge is focused on trends we’ve seen across Video and Audio on Elements. We’ve seen a high demand for geographically diverse content across the Music, Stock Video and Video Templates categories – think of this as a world theme.

The keywords and themes are slightly different between Video and Audio, so we have provided more details to help guide you below;

What Keywords are Customers Searching for on Elements?

Stock Video & Video Templates

For Stock Video, customers are searching for world footage, particularly focusing on specific cities, countries and events. In some cases, the demand is continuing to rise, presenting significant opportunities for authors. Here are just a few of the locations trending at the moment.

  • London
  • India
  • Africa
  • Japan
  • Dubai
  • China
  • New York
  • Los Angeles, and;
  • Brazil

While not exhaustive, the key insight to take away from this is a growing demand for items that showcase cities, countries and events at their best. This goes beyond filming ‘on location’ to making the city, country and event the subject of your items. For Stock Video authors in particular, your footage should clearly represent the chosen geographic location.

For our Content Challenge, items that make the location, iconic landmarks, event or iconic locations the primary subject will be considered for our prizes.

For Video Templates, customers are searching for specific seasonal holidays, such as Halloween (31st October 2019), Chinese New Year (25 January 2020) and Ramadan (April-May 2020), so we’d invite you to think about the kinds of items customers may be using during this time and create content that fits in these themes as they draw closer.


Similar to the Stock Video category, Audio on Elements are also seeing similar trends with customers regularly searching for world music. Here, we’ve identified some areas where there are a number of under-represented styles, presenting opportunities to create new content aligning with the keywords/locations outlined below:

  • Arabic
  • Indian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Oriental
  • Asian
  • French
  • Mexican
  • Brazil
  • Turkish
  • Latin
An important note for Music authors on tagging your items. If your Audio track is also relevant to specific seasonal holidays or religions, be sure to tag them, but beware of over-tagging! Some great examples are Ramadan and Islam/Islamic, which are highly searched keywords in the Music category on Elements.

How do I get involved?

You can get involved by creating new content for Elements that meets the world theme outlined above, then upload and publish your best new items to Elements using the tag: GEOTREND2019 by;

  • 31st October 2019 [11.59pm AEDT] for Music and Video Templatesor;
  • 30th November 2019 [11.59pm AEDT] for Stock Video items.

Please note: only items new to Elements will be considered.

Please remember that in addition to tagging your item with the primary contest tag GEOTREND2019, you will also need to tag your item(s) with the relevant keywords that your content is related to (plus any other relevant tags) if it makes sense to do so.

This means that if you want to be involved, you will need to firstly tag the item that you are submitting for the contest with the primary contest tag (GEOTREND2019) and then tag your item with the relevant keyword(s) that it is relevant to. For example, if your item features the London Eye, you will also need to tag it with London (and London Eye).

After the 31st October 2019 (for Music and Video Templates) and 30th November 2019 (for Stock Video items), our review team will select the best three items in each category and each winning author will receive $1,000 USD each as a prize!

As per usual, please keep in mind that you need to submit your items with enough time for them to be reviewed, approved and published on Elements by the deadline: 31st October 2019 (for Music and Video Templates) and 30th November 2019 (for Stock Video items).

Please note Envato’s usual terms, conditions and policies (including submission and review guidelines) will apply to such items submitted as part of this contest, so please only submit your best work that is in line with our content requirements. You can view the requirements for Video here and for Audio here.

What if I’m Not a Video or Audio Author?

Watch this space!

We’re rolling out this initiative with Video and Audio, however we plan to expand this to other content types in the future. We will let you know when we release new Content Challenges here on the Forums, so make sure to check for updates on future opportunities regularly.

For information on the Terms and Conditions, and to join the conversation, head over to the forum.

Happy creating! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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