Top Video Trends & Featured Items

With the launch of Video on Elements, we wanted to celebrate some of the best items and trends available now.

Explore the trends below for examples of great featured items in the marketplace. These include designs that expand on the traditional slideshow concept by adding a timeline-based narrative, innovative corporate designs, typography overlays, social media lower thirds templates and more. 

Additionally, check out the best practice guidelines for VideoHive items using this handy link here on the Help Center.

Check out the featured items below:

History/Timeline Slideshows:

Corporate TimelineLugansky

History SlideMixmedia87

The History – Documentary SlideshowF-I

Type, Type, and more Type:


Essential Titles and Lower ThirdsEasyEdit

The TitlesTheSdx1


Different / Minimal Art TitlesHeyalisa

Stand-out Files

Real 3D Neon KitNeuronFX

Modern SlideshowNitrozme

Social Media – Lower ThirdsCamiloharper

Timelapse City TrafficModeon

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