Meet Your 2018 EuroTour Host | Belgrade, Serbia

In the lead up to EuroTour, we will be featuring profiles from our 2018 hosts, so you can get to know more about them and what they are planning.

Our first interview is with Nenad, a.k.a Dzeriho hosting our EuroTour Meetup in Belgrade on the 14th of June. Get to know more about their Envato journey and why they wanted to become your Envato Meetup host!

Make sure to register for a EuroTour Meetup at your local city now (if you haven’t already) as spaces are limited – We can’t wait to see you soon!


How did you get started with Envato?

A friend of mine that was working in design in my hometown – Nis, told me about the company. He already worked on some projects and released some items on CodeCanyon. At that time, I was graduating from my Architecture degree and just couldn’t see myself in that world.

From an age, I’ve always been around computers, design, graphics, 3D, HTML etc.. so I decided, that Envato Market was the place I wanted to succeed in. Now, here I am today –  7 years later and I’ve only seen good from it.

Which of your items are you most proud of and why?

Well, this has to be the ShopKit theme. The theme combines everything I’ve done over the past few years, and it really just kick-starts all you need to create a WooCommerce Shop. It has all the tools included, demos and everything is coded to perfection (by my humble opinion of course).

ShopKit – The WooCommerce Theme

I’m really proud of this theme and I’m working hard to improve it constantly. The other of course is the Product Filter for WooCommerce, my most selling item. I’m really glad, that this much folks find this item useful and have made a lot of success stories with it.

WooCommerce Product Filter

Where do you source your inspiration?

I do a lot of sports, music and travel. Longboard, snowboard, vinyls, deserted beaches, deaf mountains. I enjoy making videos about my adventures too, so this drives my inspiration a lot. Here’s one clip that was taken this year at Old Mountain, Serbia.

That being said, I probably get most inspired when I’m the most relaxed :)

Watch the YouTube video here!

How active is the author community in your local city?

We’ve got a few really good authors from Belgrade, and in my local city there’s a few more. I’ve hosted a meetup in my local town past year and we were all excited about it!

Which authors in your local community do you admire and why?

ShindiriStudio – These guys are the lads I started with. A lot of quality individuals over there, and I’d like to mention Peca, best dude ever, Marjan (the one responsible for my involvement) and Neca. These guys are persistent and professional and have been here for quite some time.

What do you love most about your city?

In general, there’s just a bunch of really nice people in Serbia. So,what I love here the most are, the folks. Beautiful, sincere, eager to love and improve. The sad part is that the economy in our country is really behind. People want to work, want to experience new things, but are limited with what opportunities they have offered.

That being said, being a digital creative here will definitely help to take you out of common life routines and jobs, also our living expenses aren’t too pricey.

What motivated you to become a Meetup Host?

This is an opportunity and I don’t like to miss one, ever. Always say ‘Yes’ – this can lead to better things in life!

What activities are you planning?

The plan is to have a conference in the midday, where we’ll all meet and have discussions. The afterparty is also planned in the Belgrade summer party district near Danube river. Should be quite fun, I’d say!

Where will your Meetup be hosted and why? What makes this venue unique?

The venue selected for the meetup partly resembles the Envato experience in Belgrade. It’s a modern coworking space, with everything that goes with it. The interesting part of the venue will be the float/raft like club on Danube river. Belgrade, summer, the club and shiny lights reflecting on the river surface will be something to remember!

What’s your favorite new item that you have uploaded recently?

The Product Loops for WooCommerce (to be released by the end of April) definitely. This item will shake some ground and will prove that literally, anything is possible in web design. I’m looking forward to the release, and I expect some amazed customers!

Product Loops for WooCommerce

What trends do you see in the marketplace?

The marketplace is very much alive. It is very fast moving to say the least. Follow the current trends and it makes you want to put out more and more. Items are getting better and better every day, and the Envato staff are making sure of that.

If you can keep up with the phases, it’ll make you more professional/precise in every aspect of your life. For me, good things have come from Envato, and I’m really happy with how everything flows.

Would you like to have ongoing Meetups in your local city? If so, why?

Yes, of course. I think it’ll help the community and lead to new and exciting opportunities, as always.

You can check out Nenad’s portfolio here. Join the conversations on the forums and don’t forget to register for a EuroTour Meetup near you now!

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