Monthly Rollup | June 2018

Check out some of the cool things we’re working on at Envato HQ and read all the latest news, announcements and updates from this past month!

Video Launched on Elements

This month, we launched Video as a new category to Elements! This means video authors can now make their video template and stock video items available for Elements subscribers. Yay!

As Elements continues to grow, we know that video will help to enhance value to the Elements subscription and create another channel for video authors to build recurring, incremental earnings now and into the future. Check out these awesome video items here.

EuroTour 2018

We have now concluded our series of Meetups for EuroTour 2018. Thank you to all our amazing community members for making it to one of the Meetups this June. We hope you had the opportunity to make some new friends or collaborators, get to know what’s next and feel inspired for your exciting future work as a leader in the industry!

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing a wrap up of all the best moments, interviews and presentations from EuroTour 2018 on the Author Hub – so watch this space.

Updated WordPress Guidelines

We have recently announced a comprehensive update to our WordPress theme requirements for CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, Envato Hosted and Envato Elements.

Please see the forum post for more details and review the new requirements on the Author Help Center. We have outlined the major changes below, but strongly recommend all authors take the time to carefully read and understand the detail.

Important Changes to the Google Maps Platform

As you may have heard, Google has recently revamped their entire Google Maps developer platform and introduced the Google Maps Platform. This is part of a series of updates designed to evolve and streamline their core APIs – however, this also presents some new challenges for Authors and their customers.

To help you get prepared for these upcoming changes, we have explored some of the key implications of the Google Maps Platform changes that will impact you – as Authors, and the updates required for your current and future customers. Review the forum post for more details here.

Envato Elements Fonts Contest Update

We recently ran a Fonts Contest to find the best new Fonts on Envato Elements! Our Content Specialists are now going through the nominations and winners will be announced next month! Stay tuned and good luck!

UX Insights

This month, the UX Team have explored what frustrations customers have when looking for themes and code in the Marketplace.

Here’s some author specific feedback to help customers engage with your items better:

  • When categorizing your item, make sure to add your item to the most appropriate category. This has caused customer confusion in the past.
  • Although you may be trying to define as many words for your tags and description as possible to try to get to more search results, the opposite is true for customer comprehension and trust. The more targeted and defined your metadata is, the more confidence a customer has that your item will be right for them, when it appears in their search results.
  • When customers are searching for items, they are scanning for keywords from their search within your title, category, key features, tags and images.
  • Making sure you have ‘key features’ listed for your item helps gives customers the confidence that your item will have the features they need from the search results page. Including ‘key features’ will also make your items stand out against ones that haven’t included them. Writing in sentence case, making sure your spelling is correct and writing in plain English (as opposed to SEO keywords) also pays off.
  • Taking your time to create great item images pays! Customers who viewed item images that were designed well, gave the customer a sense that the item itself would be of high quality.

Some good image examples included:

  • Images with clear screenshots of the item (theme, template, etc).
  • Text that describes features, compatibility, version of an item.
  • Text that is legible in search results.

Some poor image examples included:

  • No screenshots or images that are hard to see.
  • Text that is too small.
  • No insight about the product being sold.
  • Images that have nothing to do with the item being sold.

Free File Nominations

Nominations are now open for July-September. Find the full list here.

Forum Redesign

As you may know, we’ve been planning a bit of a forum refresh around here. We haven’t done much with the default look of Discourse forums since we launched so we wanted to add a fresh coat of paint. We’d like to get things a bit more organized and less overwhelming for new users.

Get a sneak peek (if you haven’t already) into the upcoming design on the forums here.

That’s it for the past month, folks! Going forward, we will be releasing Bi-Monthly Rollups to keep authors updated on all the latest news – keep an eye out for the next release soon!

If you have any questions or want to continue the conversation, jump over to the forums and connect with your fellow author community.

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