Mystery Author Is the First to Achieve $1 Million in Sales on AudioJungle

Music is an underestimated craft. While listening to the radio might suggest songs are simple, easy pieces of content, any good engineer or composer will tell you differently.

Crafting a piece of audio with the right sound, instruments and dynamics is an art – and whether for a commercial, radio track, YouTube video or otherwise, it’s incredibly difficult.

As a result, composers need all the help they can get. And that is what Envato Market’s AudioJungle does: helps music creators connect with potential commercial clients and achieve substantial success.

For Exclusive Author PinkZebra, this means not only obtaining a living, but thriving – PinkZebra has now become the inaugural Author on AudioJungle to cross the $1 million revenue mark. Authors on other Envato markets have reached this goal before – but for AudioJungle, this is a first.


Envato CEO Collis Ta’eed says this milestone is a remarkable personal achievement for PinkZebra as well as an exciting and proud milestone for Envato Market.

“After four years, almost 400 tracks and 50,000 sales, PinkZebra has reached Power Elite. Wow! Congratulations PinkZebra and AudioJungle!”

This achievement also gives PinkZebra a significant personal achievement – entering the Power Elite Wall of Fame.

But like most beginnings, PinkZebra’s start on AudioJungle was a humble one.

“In March 2011 I had sought the help of an agency to help create licensing opportunities for my album projects. Someone at the agency asked me if I licensed music through AudioJungle and I had no idea what they were talking about,” they said.

“Soon after that conversation I did some research on AudioJungle and decided on a whim to create a profile and post three cinematic orchestral tracks. They sold a few times over the next couple of days and I was hooked!”


But who is PinkZebra?

We’re not even sure! There’s a little bit of mystery behind PinkZebra. Are they a team or are they an individual? We just don’t know. They only sent us pictures of pink zebras for use as their picture – we don’t even know what they look like!.

But while we may not know much about the real PinkZebra, their work speaks for itself. They have spent years working with major advertising agencies, production teams and record labels composing music for hundreds of TV and radio commercials in the US, as well as producing music for albums, television and film.

“My life has changed because of the success I’ve had on Envato Market.”

“I’m always listening to music on commercials, TV, and in film to determine what the popular trends are. The trends are always shifting, and it’s important for composers to be completely in sync with the types of music tracks content producers need and are searching for.”

PinkZebra’s most popular items are carefully designed pieces of music that are built around specific themes. For instance, one of their most popular songs, “In The Moment of Inspiration“, is created for use in uplifting circumstances – like graduations. It’s general enough to be used in a variety of projects, but also specific enough to provide the exact quality and sound producers are looking for.

“When I watch projects that use that track, I’m amazed at how flexible it is and how it takes on the emotional direction of the video content in a very satisfying way,” they said.

PinkZebra’s most popular track, “Larger Than Life“, has amassed over one million views on YouTube – the universality of PinkZebra’s creations are evident in the number of projects in which the song has been used.

“I have been amazed at the international popularity of that song. It has been used in many high-profile YouTube videos, commercials, films and more, and that exposure has led people from all over the world to discover my music.”

“That kind of organic growth that was driven by AudioJungle licensing has gone way beyond any marketing I could have done on my own.”

PinkZebra’s success on AudioJungle means they’ll be there for a while yet, saying the type of comradery among Authors helps raise the quality of the music available for everyone.

It’s the community, PinkZebra says, that makes AudioJungle what it is – and adds that other Authors should lean in as well.

“The Envato community is one of the strongest assets for an author,” they said.

“Use this valuable resource and get to know other composers. We’re in this together.”

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