[November Edition] What’s Launched.

Check out some of the cool things we’ve been working on lately across product, customer and author teams here at Envato HQ. ✔︎

Figma On Elements

With Figma fast becoming an industry standard tool, we’re happy to announce we’ve now introduced Figma as a filterable category for Graphics on Elements! You can now tag relevant items with Figma as a supported application, so that they show up for customers searching specifically for Figma-compatible content. Read more about how to apply this to your items here.

[Beta] Author Dashboard

You’ve asked, we’ve listened. We are currently building the Beta Author Dashboard, and will be rolling out some prototypes for testing – exciting! The major focus of this dashboard will be to create a unified experience for authors across our platforms, while focusing on helping them create more content that customers want. We will keep you updated as we progress!

Keyword Stuffing

We have updated our guidelines to prohibit duplication of keywords in titles, which will reduce the number of items containing duplicate keywords for ThemeForest and AudioJungle. This will help to create fairer search rankings for authors and a nicer search experience for customers.

Improvements to the Upload Flow for Stock Video

Have you noticed the video preview no longer stretches horizontally and that there is a new pagination option on your list of items? These are small improvements to make your upload process easier and smoother. We are exploring how to make it easier for you to upload large numbers of items, so stay tuned for more exciting improvements!

A Guide to Commercial Demand For Stock Footage

You may have seen our previous post on feedback for rejected stock footage items. As we mentioned, we’re committed to creating useful resources and our newest one is an in-depth Guide to Commercial Demand for stock footage authors.

Within this guide, you’ll find topics (and video examples) on authenticity, niches, diversity and much more!

New Review Tooling For Elements

We are moving from a post-publication review process to a pre-publication review process. This change will result in all content uploaded to Elements requiring review prior to publication.

Since introducing graphics on Elements, some customers have had problems with low quality, incompatible and misleading graphic content. The change to pre-publication review will help ensure the Elements library has appropriate and high quality content, resulting in a better experience for customers.

New Author Help Centre Request Page

If you’ve submitted a support request recently, you may have noticed that we’ve changed up the request forms on the Author Help Center. The new forms have been designed to make it easier for you to ask us questions, while ensuring we get the information we need to help you in the best, and fastest way possible.

Free File Nominations Open [Jan-March]

ThemeForestCodeCanyonVideoHiveAudioJungleGraphicRiverPhotoDune and 3DOcean.

2019 Envato Cyber Monday Campaign 

The campaign is now live and you can find the landing page here. Good luck to all the authors participating this year!

That’s it, folks! If you have any questions or want to check out what else is happening, jump over to the forums and connect with your fellow author community. 👋

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