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Introducing Zeen – A Next Generation Theme by Codetipi

“Zeen is the most ambitious and revolutionary theme Codetipi has ever made. It was coded and designed from scratch, with minimal third-party dependencies, allowing for cutting-edge WordPress and browser practices & technologies. It was also made to be future-proof, therefore, it’s not restricted by any legacy frameworks and dependencies that can create limitations.”Codetipi. We recently […]

10 Most Common Mistakes for Photos in 2018

Being in an increasingly visual world, the demand for high-quality and meaningful photography is more relevant than it has ever been. Photos provide a pathway for businesses, individuals, and groups to communicate themselves in a way that is real and marketable in the digital age.  With the improvements to PhotoDune and the addition of Photos on the Elements […]

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Handpicked Envato authors that we’re absolutely loving.

Featured Author: Meet AxiomThemes

“Never lose concentration. The competitors are out there working hard. There is no other way if you want to stay on top. Always follow the Envato news and updates as even in the slightest moment, you could lose the touch with what is going on and you don’t notice the market going in a different […]

Featured Author: Meet Anps

“Staying unique can be a challenge. So many authors create great products and basically out-compete you, but fair competition is great and it pushes you to research and push harder, which is always better for the client.”Anps Our latest interview features Anps – a talented Power Elite Author from Slovenia and their experiences in the world […]

Featured Author: Meet FortySixandTwo

“Put the effort in, go the extra distance, be true to yourself and know what people want. Take a look around, find the gaps, fill them, and most importantly – be original!”FortySixandTwo Our latest interview is with FortySixandTwo – a talented Envato Elements author living on a mountain top in Tasmania, Australia. Her portfolio reflects […]

Featured Author: Meet annapx

“The most important thing we learned is to make sure your task is finished 100%. If you are not doing this, there is a big chance you will have to spend a lot of extra time fixing things that were not done from the beginning.”annapx Meet husband and wife duo, annapx – a talented Power […]


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