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We are often asked what customers are looking for and over the years, some themes are constantly among the most popular, while others are trending or fading out.

What has been constant is that customers are increasingly asking for more authentic content (read the Guide to Authenticity and Diversity) and for many of the following categories, we could use more genuine looking photos.

Here are some of the most requested subjects on PhotoDune and Elements:

  • Authentic People and Diversity: Age, gender, non-traditional jobs, mental and physical disabilities, physiognomy (not just supermodels), ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, location, etc.

  • Business/Office/Finance: Diverse groups, interactions, locations, women leadership, etc (We have enough of the typical Caucasian businessman handshake).

  • Food: Not just pizza and hamburgers but dishes from around the world. We are looking for shots that have a nice presentation, lighting and composition.

  • Fashion

  • Sports and Fitness

  • Technology: Information technology, artificial intelligence, computer learning, communications, networking, social media, etc.

  • People Power/Social Movements/Activism

  • Marketing

  • Healthcare and medicine: Medical treatments, nutrition, physical rehabilitation, plastic surgery, etc.

  • Weddings

  • Cannabis/Hemp: Leaf, Textile, paper, edibles, CBD, oil, protein powder, seeds, etc.

  • eSports: Gamers, competitions, game industry, etc.

  • Holidays: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Hanukkah, Ramadan, St Patrick’s, etc.

  • Drone Photography: From majestic landscapes to cityscapes, weddings, agriculture, shipping, outdoor activities, etc.

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