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As we move through these challenging times, we are seeing a strong movement of creativity and ideas starting at home. It’s become a time for people to nurture the things they’ve always wanted to do, whether it’s a creative hustle or launching a side business. 

It’s also provided an important time to experiment, diversify and really connect with ourselves and our customers, shaping the brands, technologies and opportunities of the future. 

Stay creative during this time and check out the latest creative brief brought to you by our team at Placeit and Envato Elements!

What are eSports Logos? 

eSports has been gaining popularity every year. These days, some of the most popular personalities and teams involved are millionaires with worldwide fan bases!

Logos are important, being the foundation of a brand’s identity. They help separate you from the competition, and give fans something to connect with.

Placeit is the online design generator that helps to make this branding work happen, alongside logos selected from Envato Elements. This collaboration is a unique opportunity for authors to access a whole new customer base and a whole new stream of earnings by tapping into a growing market with excellent earning potential.

So, How Does it Work?

This creative brief is open to all graphics authors on Envato Elements. If your logo is selected for use on Placeit, it’ll go through our proprietary conversion process. This will remove any font from your main graphic and make it customisable for Placeit customers, allowing them to make different color and text combinations.

This means you’ll be able to earn from both Envato Elements and Placeit with no additional effort needed on your side, other than creating and uploading your eSports logos to Elements as per usual. 

eSports Logos Usage and Earnings Stats on Placeit

  • Placeit is used frequently by the gaming community!
  • 20% of item revenue goes to authors.
  • The top 5 logos authors receive monthly earnings of $700 USD on average.
  • Top 10 authors earn on average $9 USD per logo, per month.
  • Each logo in the top 10 list generates monthly earnings of $170 USD on average.

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for high quality eSports logos with the following requirements:

  • Brand new items that are not yet available on Elements.
  • Minimum of 5 items with single illustrations related to one another both in theme and style.
  • Original characters; we can’t use any illustrations with a high resemblance to any well-known characters or brands due to copyright.


Placeit has a strong presence among the gaming community on platforms such as Twitch, Facebook gaming, and YouTube. The majority of customers are amateur gamers, but there is also representation from eSports leagues.

Trends Inspiration

Not sure what to contribute? We have a roundup of the top trends based on the best performing logos and customer requests on Placeit!

Shooters: Some popular games in this category among Placeit users are:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • PUBG
  • Counter-Strike
  • Fortnite

Logos with a visual style resembling tactical shooter titles tend to do well, however shooter-style animals logos are also very popular.

Aggressive Animals: Dangerous animals such as lions, wolves, tigers, mountain lions, foxes, dogs, bears, and other wild animals are very popular. So are animals such as rams, rabbits, owls and other kinds of birds. 

Just make it “angry”!

Gaming Monograms: Based on our research across gaming platforms, such as Twitch and Youtube Gaming, we’ve identified that around 40% of streamers utilize a monogram for their gaming channel.

We believe there’s still lots of opportunity to grow Placeit’s offering of monogram designs with a “gaming” aesthetic. 

Avatars: Gaming streamers tend to use avatar versions of themselves. We’ve identified a good selling opportunity for authors, designing generic gaming avatar graphics that many people can identify with.

Fantasy & Sci-Fi: Other popular categories include fantasy and sci-fi eSports such as:

  • DOTA 2
  • Starcraft
  • League of Legends

Think robots, wizards, dragons, aliens and other fantasy creatures!

Bonus Category – Music:

Placeit’s music niche continues to grow in every category, from mockups, design templates and more recently logos.

The most popular sub-genre by far is hip-hop.

A Snapshot of Top Items in June

Technical Requirements 

It’s important to be aware of these technical requirements when creating logos for Placeit as there are specific considerations to ensure they are usable.

Please review all the following requirements and examples below:

Technical Specifications


  • Illustrator file
  • 1000 x 1000px
  • RGB


  • Separated in layers as shown below

Things to Avoid

Avoid making drastic cuts to your graphics, especially when your character is in a “torso” pose. Your graphics, if chosen, will be visible in many different templates across Placeit, so for this reason it’s important that your graphic is well designed as a whole and looks nice and balanced when visualized without text.

Also avoid:

  • Unnecessary paths.
  • Unnecessary nodes.
  • Open nodes.
  • Orphan nodes.
  • Empty shapes.

Submission Checklist:

  1. Create at least 5 new eSport logos with the same theme/visual style for Envato Elements.
  2. Add the custom tagging code PlaceitGamingLogo as one of your keywords.
  3. Name the titles for all your related illustrations the same way in a sequence. E.g. “Mythical characters No. 1” or “ Squad shooters A”, etc.
  4. Make sure all your items meet the technical requirements outlined above.
  5. Navigate to the Elements Contributor App and upload your item(s).
  6. You’re done!

From there, our team will then look through all tagged logos published on Elements and make a selection to convert them for Placeit. If your logo gets selected and published on Placeit, you’ll receive your first Placeit earnings two months after your first sale

If you need any support, don’t forget to visit our Author Help Center for more information or reach out to our Placeit Support Team

Good luck and we can’t wait to see what you create!

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