How pmwa created his Halloween video effects template, “Halloween Party”

Halloween is nearly upon us. So we decided to get the story behind “Halloween Party” by pmwa. One of our top 5 Halloween video effects templates on VideoHive.

How did you create “Halloween Party”?

Before I came to VideoHive, I worked as a director and visual effects supervisor on a movie in russia and I thought, perhaps, I could use all of my skills in editing, directing, and 3D graphics to create templates! Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day have become my special moments of the year when I open 3ds Max and do something with character animation.

Last year I tried to think about what the most universal symbol of Halloween was. What was the most scary? What was the most atmospheric? I realized it was the skeleton.

But this presented a problem: how could I create a template around it, giving customers the opportunity to customize the project?

As I lay on the couch I started thinking. How about incorporating a coffin with a photo of a man on its cover, then having that swing open and the skeleton begin to dance?

I used 3ds Max to create the character animation, background, coffin and camera animation. After that I prerendered everything and moved the camera to After Effects. I then combined all the layers to make some visual effects and the photo on the coffin customizable.

To create the animation I used Michael Jackson’s thriller as a music reference. After that I scored my own music theme with the same bpm.

What was the inspiration?

My inspiration for this template was Michael Jackson’s Thriller theme and Tim Burton’s Dancing Skeletons. I was looking for the most atmospheric images like witches, crows, skeletons, zombies or vampires. The skeleton seemed to be the most versatile.

Was it created exclusively for Halloween?

Maybe someday someone will find a different way of using it, but this is pretty much exclusively for Halloween.

Are there any other items you’ve created for Halloween?

Yes. At the moment I have a large number of music tracks in the seasonal Halloween category on AudioJungle and several templates on VideoHive. This year I created a new “Halloween Party Promo” template.

What’s your process for creating them?

About two months before Halloween I start thinking about what I’ll do for it. Whether it’ll be a piece of music or a template. Then over the next month I come up with the idea, inspiration and references, and gradually realize the item. By the first of October it’s a part of my portfolio.

Is Halloween a lucrative market for VideoHivers?

Yes, if you manage to catch a more universal idea, playing on more recognizable images. I honestly don’t count Halloween as being particularly lucrative in terms of sales. Instead, for me, it’s a moment I can give free reign to my imagination and do something unique like a cartoon or fairytale. I love fairytales.

What’s your design process? How do you make things look creepy?

I just take the macabre atmosphere, recognizable images and try to do everything at the highest level. I use my skills in visual effects and being a film director. Keep in mind I not only create templates and write music. I spend the rest of my time shooting movies and series for TV.

Will you make more spooky and scary stuff in the future?

Yes! I have many plans for the vampires, witches, bats and scary mansions. In the spring I traveled to Disneyland Paris and got a couple of ideas from their scary rides.

Expect to see some of those come to life next Halloween.

Buy “Halloween Party” and check out pmwa on VideoHive and AudioJungle


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