Pro Tips: Elements Submission Initial Setup

So you’ve filled out your expression of interest form and have received an approval email. This means we like what we saw and you’ve passed the initial content screening. Congrats!

In the first email you receive, there are only three easy steps you need to complete to help prepare for submitting your items to our Quality Team for review.

** Please Note: you should only complete the following steps if you’ve been approved to sell on Envato Elements.

1. Account Creation

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Remember when you created an account before completing your Expression of Interest form? Well, here’s where it comes in handy to login to your Envato Market account.

If you’re already an Author on Market then feel free to skip this step.

Now you might be thinking why is it necessary to have a Market account if you want to sell on Elements? That’s because most of our content types need to be uploaded through Market for review, and if approved, are then published over on Elements.

2. Fill Out Your Tax Details

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This one is pretty self explanatory right? It’s also important because you don’t want to be overcharged for tax.

You can get to the form via your Market account dashboard, or to make things even easier, you can access the form via this link. Simply add your ‘username’ in the space provided:<username>/tax_information/new

Our Help Centre also has some great articles on the two different tax forms available. Check them out here:

3.  Fill Out Your Payment Details

In this final step, we’ll ask you to navigate to your Elements Author Dashboard, which can only be accessed if your initial expression of interest submission was approved.

Now the Elements Dashboard is an important tool as it allows you to track your item progress and earnings once you start uploading. So naturally, this is the place where you fill out your preferred payment method

And that’s it! Those are the three steps we’ll need you to complete to transition smoothly toward uploading your items.

Look out for the next article in the series, which will include essential tips for uploading for your specific content type. If you have any questions and would like to get in touch with us directly please email

Not yet an Author on Envato Elements but ready to get started?

Be sure to keep an eye out for more posts in this ‘Getting Started on Elements’ series.

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