Pro Tips: How to Get Your Elements Payments

You’ve put in all the meticulous work creating your items, they’ve been uploaded and you’ve made some sales, so how come you’re not receiving your monthly payments? We know it can be frustrating and so we’ve put together a list of things that might be getting in the way.

Set Up A Payout Account

The first and most important of these is making sure you set up your payout account, otherwise we’ll have to hold payment until we receive these details and can only send you your hard earned cash in the next payout cycle. 

But don’t stress! The great thing about it is it’s super easy to do. For Elements we have two payout options to choose from:

Submit Your Tax Form

A key thing to know is that the tax form you submit through your Market account is also valid for your Envato Elements account. 

With Envato Elements, you are selling your items to Envato, an Australian company. Therefore the Australian royalty withholding tax applies. Here’s a list you can check to see what the percentage for your country is, and if you’re confused about why your country isn’t on the list, it just means that your country doesn’t have a tax treaty with Australia, so the royalty withholding tax will be 30%. But depending on the tax law within your country, you may be able to claim credits for the taxes paid in the US and Australia.

You can easily fill in the form via your Market account dashboard.

Reach The Payout Threshold

Before you can expect your payment each month, it’s important to understand why you need to reach the $50 payout threshold first. One of our earlier blog articles covers this and it includes an estimate of how many items would need to be published on Elements in one month to reach it (for each content type). This is because Envato Elements works on the basis of a Subscriber Share Model, making it essential to start publishing right away and consistently thereafter.

When To Expect Payment Each Month

Now to the part that probably interests you the most, right? When can you expect your payment each month?

Well, the Subscriber Share Model also means that we need to wait until an individual subscription period has finished and no more licensing has occurred before we can determine the earnings value of those licenses. We aim for accuracy here at Envato and so it takes up to two or three months of data before we can calculate your first author earnings. 

We pay out your earnings into your nominated account on the 16th of the month if it is a weekday. If the 16th falls on a weekend, your earnings will be paid on the following Monday.

If you have any questions and would like to get in touch with us directly please email

Not yet an Author on Envato Elements but ready to get started?

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